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Topping Announced Pre90 Pre-AMP and Ext90 Input Extender

Topping Announced Pre90 Pre-AMP and Ext90 Input Extender

Topping has announced two new products, the Topping Pre90 Pre-amplifier and the Topping Ext90 input extender. Both of these can be connected with their flagship Topping A90/D90 stack to complete your audio chain. The Pre90 is an ultra-high performance pre-amplifier that provides a gain of up to +16dB to amplify weak audio signals for your power amplifiers or speakers. It is a very capable pre-amp with an ultra-low noise floor of just 0.3uVrms. Equipped with a high-performance volume relay, the Pre90 provides precise volume adjustment with 0.5dB/step. It can also be connected to your speaker systems.

Topping Pre90-1

The Pre90 itself features 1xRCA and 1xXLR stereo inputs, but with the help of the latest Ext90 input extender one can connect up to 2xRCA and up to 4xXLR signal inputs. The Topping Pre90 has got a price tag of 599.99$ and the Ext90 is priced at 249.99$, you can check out more details about both of them here.


>NFCA(Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier) modules similar to the flagship Topping A90.

>Fully-operational remote control.

>Precise volume adjustment using high-performance volume relay.

>Ultra-low noise floor(<0.3uVrms).

>High-dynamic range(up to 145dB).

>Six-way input selection(with EXT90).

>Fully balanced XLR input and output.

>Hi-res audio certified.

Ultimate Pre-Amp Performance:-

The Pre90 features a similar high-performance NFCA(Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier) module as the brand’s flagship A90 amplifier. It provides excellent AC and DC performance with technologies like VCHF(Voltage Current Hybrid Feedback Architecture) and UHGF(Ultra High Gain Feedback). You can expect excellent performance with the Pre90 amplifying low power signals with a gain of up to 16dB to make it acceptable for your power amplifier levels.

Topping pre90-2

Ultra-low Noise Floor:-

The ultra-low noise floor of  less than 0.3uVrms is miles ahead of its competition and makes the Topping Pre90 the Pre-amp one might need in its audio chain. The device boasts a high dynamic range of up to 145dB, ensuring excellent performance with a super clean dark background.

One Pre-Amp For All Your Sources:-

The Pre90 features a fully balanced structure that can handle both balanced and single-ended signals. On itself, the Pre90 features one single-ended RCA input and one balanced XLR input, but with the help of Ext90, it can be connected to 2xRCA single-ended and up to 4xXLR balanced inputs. So it can be connected with multiple sources and active input can be selected easily via the included remote control. For output, the Pre-90 features fully balanced XLR and single-ended RCA output. You can also output from both the ports simultaneously to connect to two amplifier systems at once.

Topping Pre90-3

High-Performance Volume Relay:-

Equipped with a large number of premium Japanese small volume relay components, the Pre90 offers precise volume adjustments with around 0.5dB volume adjustment with each step. When the device is switched on, the Pre90 automatically reduces to a safe volume level to prevent accidental damage to your speakers or headphones.

Safe Volume Feature:-

The Pre90 features a safe volume option that kicks in when the set safe volume exceeds for the selected input/output port. It saves up your costly pieces of equipment and priceless hearing abilities. This feature can be turned off from the settings menu using the remote control.

Pricing & Availability:-

Both the Pre90 and Ext90 are available to order from our store here. The Pre90 is priced at 599.99$ and the Ext90 is priced at 249.99$. Shipments will begin shortly.

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