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Tin HiFi T4 Plus: Brand New IEMs With 10mm CNT Dynamic Driver & Premium Lightweight Ear Shells

Tin HiFi T4 Plus: Brand New IEMs With 10mm CNT Dynamic Driver & Premium Lightweight Ear Shells

Tin HiFi doesn’t require any introduction, it’s a well-recognized brand among audiophiles mainly known for its excellent range of in-ear monitors available at pocket-friendly prices. One of the most happening line-ups by Tin HiFi is the famous “T” series of products with award-winning products such as the T2, T2 Plus, T4, etc. Today, Tin HiFi has introduced an update to the classic T4, presenting you all the brand new Tin HiFi T4 Plus. T4 Plus has got exotic looks, a newly-developed 10mm CNT Diaphragm Dynamic Driver, and a premium stock cable, everything ensuring a rich and exquisite listening experience for the users.

Tin HiFi T4 Plus-1

Tin HiFi has designed the T4 Plus on the theme of Space Station. They have depicted this with their cover image for the T4 Plus. T4 Plus has got a price tag of 119$, You can check out more details and technical features of the T4 Plus over here.

Tin HiFi has featured a newly-developed 10mm dynamic driver unit on the all-new T4 Plus. The driver adopts an external magnetic circuit with a powerful magnetic flux enabling swift movement of the diaphragm coil. This magnetic circuit is based on high-density N54 magnets. With a new 3rd generation CNT(Carbon Nanotube) Diaphragm coil, the T4 Plus produces excellent clarity and quality sound for the listeners. Carbon Nanotube is a lightweight and highly durable material that enables clean and precise sound reproduction. The driver also features an imported ultra-thin CCAW voice coil that also contributes to producing natural sound with the set.

Tin HiFi T4 Plus-2

T4 Plus has been designed with a premium touch. The ear cavities of the T4 Plus have got rich wooden face covers that give the set an exquisite and premium finish. They are specially developed with a super lightweight design. Each ear shell weighs just only 4 grams, with an ergonomic shape and such a lightweight design, the pair ensures a comfortable wearing experience. T4 Plus includes a high-purity silver-plated copper cable and copper hybrid cable as stock. It has got a 4-strand 270-core configuration. The pair adopts standard 2-pin 0.78mm connectors and the cable features a standard 3.5mm termination. Tin HiFi T4 Plus is available for 119$, Check out more details on the T4 Plus here.

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