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Tin HiFi T2 MKII: Brand New Dual DD IEMs

Tin HiFi T2 MKII: Brand New Dual DD IEMs

Tin HiFi is a name trusted by many audiophiles worldwide. For a long time, Tin HiFi has been a king in the budget category IEM with their exclusive range of products in the Tin HiFi “T” series with successful models such as the T2, the T3 Plus, the T4, and more. Today, we are super excited to bring you the latest launch from the brand, introducing the all-new Tin HiFI T2 MKII. It is a successor to the classic T2 with a completely redesigned outer shell and a premium-quality dual-dynamic driver arrangement. Let’s dive deeper into more details for the pair.

Tin HiFi T2 MKII-1

Tin HiFi T2 MKII is launched officially for just $59. You can get yours from our store here.

Tin HiFi has equipped the T2 MKII with a premium dual dynamic driver configuration. The pair houses a 10mm driver unit and a 6mm dynamic driver unit, both the drivers are arranged in a coaxial structure, attached together on each side. They are arranged together in a two-way frequency crossover with the 10mm driver acting as a woofer producing a strong lower-end response and the 6mm driver producing clearer details in the midrange and treble frequency regions. Tin HiFi has adjusted the tuning of the T2 MKII for a balanced three-frequency response and a rich, uncolored output tone. The resulting sound with the pair is simply spectacular. It has amazing clarity, a smooth three-frequency response with no harsh peaks, and a reference-class neutral tone.

Tin HiFi T2 MKII-2

Tin HiFi T3 MKII features ergonomic aluminum alloy ear shells. They are light in weight and have a circular design that provides a comfortable wearing experience to the users. The aluminum alloy build, lightweight design, and circular shape will ensure great wearing comfort for most uses. Tin HiFi bundles the T2 MKII with a high-quality MMCX detachable cable. MMCX connectors have rotational capabilities around the connector which also helps in achieving improved comfort for the users.

Tin HiFi T2 MKII-3

Tin HiFi is a great upgrade to the classic IEM. The T2 series has been one of the most successful pairs of in-ear monitors by Tin HiFi. They have always focused on delivering a reference-class neutral tone with the products here, and we hope the T2 MKII bring us a pleasurable listening experience just like the previous models in the series have. Get the Tin HiFi T2 MKII for just $59, order yours here.

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