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Tin HiFi T2 Evo IEMs Announced: Latest Addition To The Classic T2 Series

Tin HiFi T2 Evo IEMs Announced: Latest Addition To The Classic T2 Series

Tin HiFi, formerly known as Tin Audio is a familiar name among most audio enthusiasts. They have multiple successful IEMs under their name including the highly-acclaimed Tin T2. Today, Tin HiFi has released another high-resolution IEMs in the classic T2 series, meet the brand new Tin T2 Evo. The latest Tin T2 Evo is the fourth product in the famous T2 series after the OG T2, T2 Pro, and T2 Plus. The series is known for high-quality workmanship, good accessories, high-resolution sound, and affordable prices. T2 Evo also follows all these principles with a Tank build, a carbon molecule composite diaphragm dynamic driver, and its bright, energetic sound. Tin T2 Evo is available to purchase for just 49$, check out more details here.


>Solid, Sturdy aviation-grade aluminum alloy cavities.

>10mm Carbon molecule composite diaphragm dynamic driver unit.

>Bright, Energetic sound tuning.

>Comfortable wearing experience.

>Gold-plated MMCX connectors.

>5N 8-core silver-plated cable.

>Rich accessories.

>Impedance: 32Ω±15%.

>Sensitivity: 93±3dB@1kHz.

>Frequency response: 10Hz-20kHz.

>Rated Power: 3mW.

>Max Power: 5mW.

>Max distortion: 1%@1kHz.

>3.5mm termination plug.

Tin T2 Evo-1

Tin T2 Evo, Built Like A Tank:-

Tin has made the classy and elegant earpieces in T2 Evo using aviation-grade aluminum alloy material. They have a bright, shiny finish to them in real aluminum color. The shells have a metallic, luxurious build giving a rich, premium feel to its users.

10mm Large Dynamic Driver With Carbon Molecule Composite Diaphragm Coil:-

Tin T2 Evo is equipped with a 10mm dynamic driver unit on each side. This driver adopts a carbon molecule composite diaphragm coil that provides an excellent sound performance. The pair produces a well-refined lower end with natural, lifelike vocals and instruments. The overall sound has a dynamic, layered presentation with an absolutely brilliant transient response.

Ergonomic & Comfortable:-

We need our earphones to be lightweight and comfortable for long listening sessions. The latest Tin HiFi T2 Evo has a lightweight ergonomic design with a small form factor. The pair is extremely comfortable to wear for long listening sessions providing us enough freedom to enjoy our favorite music for countless hours.

High-Quality Silver-Plated MMCX Cable:-

Tin HiFi T2 Evo adopts a 5N 8-core silver-plated cable as its stock cable. It has 30 Oxygen-free copper wires with 0.05 diameter+200D kevlar shielding for uninterrupted high-quality audio signal transmission. It has standard gold-plated MMCX connectors and 3.5mm gold-plated termination plug.

Price & Availability:-

The brilliant Tin HiFi T2 Evo is available officially for 49$. Check out more details here. As with all our orders, we offer free express worldwide shipping on orders above 500$. We also offer free priority shipping for selected regions for orders above 100$ check out more details on our shipping policy here.

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