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Tin HiFi Introduces All-New "C5" IEMs with 10*10 Square Planar Driver & Customized Balanced Armature Driver

Tin HiFi Introduces All-New "C5" IEMs with 10*10 Square Planar Driver & Customized Balanced Armature Driver

Tin HiFi has joined the bandwagon of Square Planar Drivers commonly known as SPD with their latest release, the Tin HiFi C5. The pair actually features a unique dual-driver hybrid configuration featuring a 10*10 Square Planar Driver and a customized balanced armature driver on each side. Both the drivers are placed together in a precisely designed acoustic cavity structure that enables a crisp, high-fidelity sound experience. Through precise adjustments, Tin HiFi C5 has been tuned to deliver an impactful sound with a wide frequency response range, rich details, and an open soundstage.

Tin HiFi C5-1

Tin HiFi C5 is launched officially for 79$, you can check out more details on the C5 over here. It’s also available on our Aliexpress store, Amazon US store, and Amazon Japan store.

Tin HiFi has carved beautiful spherical shells for the C5. They have a 360° global curve design that creates excellent ergonomics with a fully curved surface. The shells are made using a 5-axis CNC machining process. They are made up of aviation-grade aluminum alloy material, it gives them strong strength with lightweight aesthetics. Each earpiece weighs just only 4 grams promising a comfortable wearing experience for most users.

Tin HiFi C5-2

Tin HiFi has equipped the C5 with a dual-driver arrangement. It consists of a new-generation 10*10 SPD planar driver with a customized balanced armature driver unit. The new generation of the square planar driver along with this customized balanced armature driver unit are arranged in a low-resistance design. The pair is quite easy to power. Both drivers work flawlessly with each other with the help of electronic frequency division. After countless 3D simulations, Tin HiFi designed the acoustic cavity structure of the C5. It has been optimized to reduce the internal resonance of the audio signals and make the output more natural and lively.

Tin HiFi C5-3

Tin HiFi C5 is tuned with complete precision and professionalism. The pair is said to have a stable lower-end response with gorgeous vocals, delicate highs, and excellent resolution. It has been tuned to bring joy to the listener whenever they enjoy their favorite music on the C5. The pair adopts standard 0.78mm 2-pin connectors and comes with a high-purity four-strand 296-core silver-plated cable. Tin HiFi C5 brings us a unique experience with its exquisite driver configuration. We hope the new SPD driver does justice to the pair and enhances the music experience for the listeners. C5 is priced attractively at 79$, you can check out more information here.

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