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Three All-New Upgrades With The DUNU Kima Classic: DUNU Kima Classic vs DUNU Kima!!

Three All-New Upgrades With The DUNU Kima Classic: DUNU Kima Classic vs DUNU Kima!!

DUNU Kima is an IEM that was loved by the masses for its excellent fit and amazing sound capabilities. The pair found a place in my people’s collection despite the 100$ category being so competitive. Following the name and fame of the DUNU Kima, DUNU is back again with a redesigned variant for the excellent set, introducing the all-new DUNU Kima Classic. Despite having the same shell design and driver configuration, the DUNU Kima Classic brings a new flavor with readjusted tuning profile. The pair has a different tuning to that of the OG Kima, it has a punchier, livelier tuning that suits Pop music well enough!! Here is a list of upgrades that we will be getting with the new Kima Classic over the OG Kima.

DUNU Kima Classic-1

DUNU Kima Classic has an attractive price tag of 109.99$, you can check out more information here. It is also available on our Aliexpress store, Amazon US Store, and Amazon Japan Store as well.

Same Shell Design, New Color Scheme;-

To make the Kima Classic stand apart in the crowd, DUNU has treated the pair with an all-new color scheme. The OG Kima featured a matte-silver finish on the shells. The new Kima Classic has a stunning new classic Coffee Brown color scheme on the ear shells. They are made up of a high-quality metallic alloy which is lightweight and gives the pair a robust build. DUNU has crafted the shells using high-precision melting and casting processes. The shells are later treated with a selected sandblasting process for a premium textured look.

DUNU Kima Classic-2

New Sound Tuning, New Flavour Of Sound:-

The primary upgrade with the DUNU Kima Classic is in the sound profile. The OG Kima had a properly balanced three-frequency response, but the new Kima Classic with its new tuning profile has a punchier and livelier response. The lower-end is punchier and has a more dynamic presentation on the Kima Classic. DUNU has also enhanced the treble region with improved presence resulting in an open and immersive sound response. DUNU Kima Classic is tuned to complement different genres of music with a punchy and dynamic sound presentation.

DUNU Kima Classic-3

Color-Matched Cable:-

OG DUNU Kima came with a silver-plated single-crystal copper cable which had a rich, clean look matching the matte-silver ear shells of the pair. While the core structure of the cable is kept the same as the OG DUNU Kima, the outer look of the cable is changed to match more with the new Coffee Grey color theme of the Kima Classic Ear shells. The outer shielding now has a darker color and the Y-splitter and other metallic elements on the cable also have a darkish color theme to complement the pair with a minimalistic profile.

DUNU Kima Classic-4

Your Favorite Kima In An All-New Avatar:-

Some people will ask why the new Kima Classic? Well, during the manufacturing process of DUNU Kima, the brand found out that some personalized adjustments make the sound more dynamic and more suitable for certain genres of music and hence the Kima Classic was born. It becomes suitable for a certain genre of music(Pop, Vocals, etc.) while ensuring a cleaner, and refined sound signature.

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