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TANGZU x DIVINUS FuDu Verse 1 Three-Driver Hybrid IEMs

TANGZU x DIVINUS FuDu Verse 1 Three-Driver Hybrid IEMs

With only a few releases in the international market, Tangzu Audio has made a good reputation among audiophiles. The brand is known mainly for its lovely range of in-ear monitors featuring many successful models such as Yuan Li, Shimin Li, Waner Sg, Zetian Wu, etc. But so far all the IEMs released by Tangzu had a single driver setup, today we are proudly bringing you their first-ever hybrid, introducing the all-new Tangzu Audio FuDu Verse 1. The FuDu Verse 1 is a collab project between Tangzu and DIVINUS. DIVINUS is a widely renowned eartips brand. With extensive research, professional tuning, and exquisite craftsmanship, The Tangzu x DIVINUS FuDu Verse 1 is born!!


Tangzu FuDu Verse 1 is launched officially for just 89$, know more details here.

As mentioned earlier, The FuDu Verse 1 is the brand’s first-ever set of in-ear monitors with a hybrid configuration housing a 10mm dynamic driver and dual customized balanced armature drivers on each side. The drivers work together in complete harmony to produce unparalleled sound with outstanding resolution and ultimate clarity. The 10mm dynamic driver here produces a strong, powerful lower-end response with ultimate clarity in the midrange section. The dual BA drivers are precisely tuned to enhance the high-frequency response introducing an airy, crisp, detailed, and extensive treble frequency band.


Tangzu has taken a little deviation from their standard Chinese dynasty themed IEMs. The FuDu Verse 1 has a minimalistic design. It is actually released as the first product from their latest Zen series. The pair looks absolutely amazing with its CNC machined metallic face covers and 3D printed resin material shell in an exquisite black color theme. The pair is extremely comfortable to wear and it will definitely provide an exceptional listening experience with its comfortable and minimalistic design.


Tangzu X DIVINUS comes with a variety of accessoires. You get the famous velvet eartips designed by DIVINUS along with Tangzu’s self-developed TANG SANCAI balanced eartips. The pair is bundled with high-quality OFC Silver-plated cable that ensures quality sound signal transmission with low internal resistance through the cable. It has a balanced 4.4mm gold-plated termination plug. The FuDU Verse 1 adopts standard 0.78mm 2-pin connectors which makes it easy to replace the cable in the future.


TANGZU x DIVINUS FuDu Verse 1 is fantastic looking set with a three-driver hybrid configuration. And with an attractive pricetag of just 89$, it seems even more attractive. Check out more information over here.

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