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Tangzu Nezha Six BA+1 PZT Hybrid Full Resin IEMs

Tangzu Nezha Six BA+1 EST Hybrid Full Resin IEMs

Tangzu is a relatively new brand in the industry that has quickly gained a reputation for its high-quality and affordable in-ear monitors (IEMs). The brand was founded in back 2020 and is inspired by the Tang Dynasty, a golden age of Chinese arts and culture. Tangzu has released several successful models including Waner SG, Yuan Li, FuDu Verse 1, etc. Today, Tangzu has come up with something new, something new and innovative, introducing the all-new Tangzu Nezha, the brand’s first flagship multi-driver IEMs. Tangzu Nezha packs a unique 6BA+1EST driver hybrid configuration using a combination of Sonion and TANGZU’s self-developed BA units. It adopts a full-resin material build for a seamless lightweight design ensuring great comfort and isolation. Tangzu Nezha instantly upgrades your listening quality with its exceptional level of performance!!

Tangzu Nezha-1

Tangzu Nezha is launched officially for 399$, you can check out more details here. It's also available on our Aliexpress, Amazon Japan, and Amazon US Stores as well.

The Nezha is a revolutionary product for Tangzu. For the first time ever, Tangzu has designed a pair with complete resin material ear shells. And this is also the very first-time Tangzu has featured its self-customized BA driver units. The pair is designed with utmost care and precision to offer great comfort and exceptional sonic characteristics, instantly improving the listening level for its users. The shells are made up of high-quality skin-friendly medical-grade resin material. They are light in weight and feature an ergonomic shape that will provide a comfortable fit for most users.

Tangzu Nezha-2

Tangzu has featured a seven-driver hybrid setup on the Nezha. The pair features six Balanced armature drivers combined with an EST high-frequency driver unit. This configuration includes two Sonion low-frequency BA drivers and four Tangzu customized mid and high-frequency drivers. The EST driver works on enhancing the ultra-high frequencies. These drivers are arranged together in Tangzu’s self-developed Q-IAO electronic crossover technology. This crossover helps professional acoustic engineers to precisely adjust the tuning of each driver unit and adjust the output of the pair to the desired frequency response. In order to get the best out of the seven-driver setup, Tangzu has developed the set with a precisely crafted internal acoustic structure. It includes multiple tubes going straight from the mouth of the driver to the ear nozzle for disturbance-free performance.

Tangzu Nezha-3

It’s not just about the comfort with the Tangzu Nezha resin material ear shells. The pair has excellent looks as well. it features specially crafted face covers which look super beautiful. We have hand-crafted metal flakes embedded into the face panels. These red-coloured flakes depicts the rising flame, together with the Nezha logo at the centre depicts the story of the rise of Nezha from the lotus flames. The pair is purely an artistic product, it delivers quality sound with exceptional looks and great comfort. Tangzu includes its self-developed TANG SANCAI high-quality silicone material ear tips with the pair. The package of the Nezha also includes a high-purity 4 strang OCC silver-plated LITZ structure cable with a swappable termination plug system. It comes with a 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced plugs for easy connection with different devices. The price of Tangzu Nezha is set at 399$, which seems pretty attractive considering the features and driver configuration of the set. You can check out more details on the Tangzu Nezha here.

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