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Tanchjim Zero: Latest Budget Single Dynamic Driver With DMT4 Architecture

Tanchjim Zero: Latest Budget Single Dynamic Driver With DMT4 Architecture

Tanchjim has got an expertise in designing single dynamic driver IEMs. They have a huge catalog of highly-acclaimed single DD IEMs like the Tanchjim Ola, Hana 2021, Oxygen, etc. Today, they add another pocket-friendly set of single dynamic driver IEMs to their catalog, presenting you all the brand-new Tanchjim Zero.

Tanchjim Zero-1

Zero adopts Tanchjim’s famous DMT4 dynamic driver technology, where they have equipped the set with a large 10mm dynamic driver. This driver houses a composite diaphragm coil along with an optimised acoustic cavity structure for a premium sound performance. Bring the Tanchjim Zero home for just 14.99$(without mic) and 15.99$(with mic).

Tanchjim has adopted the DMT4 architecture for the Zero. They have used FEA(Finite Element Analysis) software to simulate and analyse the driver. The waveguide based acoustic structure, magnetic circuit, and even the driver’s suspension is optimised using this FEA software ensuring high-quality performance for the users. The internal acoustic cavity structure of the Tanchjim Zero has been finalised after an extensive R&D on various samples. It has been adjusted using Acoustic Structure Coupling ASI and Sound Transmission Loss STL calculations. Tanchjim has determined the Filter Density, Housing material based on these calculations. Everything is done using great precision with an aim to deliver the best for buck performance with the Tanchjim Zero.

Tanchjim Zero-2

Zero comes with a SATTI filter on the front cavity. The shells have nano-coating on the surface. Together the SATTI Filter and the Nano-Coating makes the pair dustproof and waterproof. Even the nozzle filter is protected by a stainless steel protector. The pair comes with a non-detachable high-purity 4N silver-plated OFC copper cable. It has Litz anti-oxidation structure with a standard gold-plated 3.5mm termination plug.

Tanchjim Zero-3

Tanchjim Zero is a brilliantly designed single dynamic driver IEM available at a pocket-friendly price. It performs way above its price point with its exceptional design and cavity structure. You can check out more information about the Tanchjim Zero over here.

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