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Tanchjim Stargate Latest iOS Lightning DAC Released!!

Tanchjim Stargate Latest iOS Lightning DAC Released!!

Apple has dropped the 3.5mm jack in its iOS devices long back. Ever since then it has always been a pain to find the right lightning to 3.5mm adapter to pair our high-fidelity IEMs, Earbuds with the iOS devices. To ease our struggle, Tanchjim a well-known audio equipment brand has designed a High-Definition audio signal decoding cable for iOS devices, called the Tanchjim Stargate. It has received certification by Apple’s MFi Program that refers to Made For iOS devices, making it compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod models. The Stargate has all the glitters of a premium audio device such as Stainless Steel housing, premium Cirrus Logics DAC, high-quality cable, and more. You can order Tanchjim Stargate from our store for just 79.90$, check out more details here.

Tanchjim Stargate-1


>Apple MFi Certified.

>High-performance Cirrus Logics DAC chip.

>Low power consumption.

>Supports IN-Line mic.

>Stainless steel housing.

>JBC nitrogen protection technology welding.

>High-quality cable.

>Output load supported: 16 Ohm-300 Ohm.

>32 Ohm load output: 1Vrms.

>32 ohm THD+N:0.002%.

>300 Ohm load output: 1Vrms.

>300 ohm THD+N: 0.0016%.

Apple MFi Certified:-

All devices made for iOS devices are required to have certification from Apple for smooth compatibility across different devices. Tanchjim Stargate has received MFi(Made For iOS) certification from Apple making it compatible with different iOS devices such as iPads, iPods, and iPhones.

Tanchjim Stargate-2

High-Performance Cirrus Logics DAC Chip:-

Tanchjim Stargate is equipped with a high-performance Cirrus Logics DAC chip for high-quality audio signal decoding. Cirrus Logics is a well-known DAC Along with this super clean DAC, The Tanchjim Stargate has an ultra-low output impedance of just 0.44 ohms, it makes the Stargate compatible with highly sensitive IEMs.

Tanchjim Stargate-3

Superb Build Quality:-

The connector housings in Tanchjim Stargate are made with degaussed stainless steel material providing an elegant look and sturdy build. Stainless Steel material also provides an excellent shielding effect for the internal audio circuit. The internal solder joints are all-welded with JBC Nitrogen Protection Technology. Stargate is a very well-built product same as other products from Tanchjim(They have a reputation for their exquisite built quality).

High-Quality Cable, For Uninterrupted Signal Transmission:-

Tanchjim Stargate features a high-quality cable with a Type 6 structure, multiple independent insulated custom silver-alloy wires are twisted and knitted with Kevlar cores. With a special coating material, the cable has the characteristics of low internal resistance, and low inductance resulting in an overall uninterrupted sound signal transmission.

Tanchjim Stargate-4

Price & Availability:-

For just 79.90$ Tanchjim Stargate brings drastic improvements over the output quality of iOS devices. You can grab yours today from our store here, Shipments will begin shortly.

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