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Tanchjim One: Brand New Single DD IEMs

Tanchjim One: Brand New Single DD IEMs

From Zero to One Tanchjim has come a long way as a premium HiFi audio in-ear monitor brand. For years, Tanchjim has brought us amazing sounding in-ear monitors with many successful models such as the Tanchjim Hana, Tanchjim Oxygen, etc. Last year, Tanchjim introduced the “Zero”, a pocket-friendly single dynamic driver in-ear monitor. Today, they have launched a successor the highly-acclaimed model, presenting the all-new Tanchjim One. Tanchjim One incorporates a high-end dynamic driver unit with a titanium dome structure and PU+Peek composite diaphragm. With enhances cavity structure, get an amazing performance with the Tanchjim One!!

Tanchjim One-1

Tanchjim One is priced quite attractively, available for just 24.99$. Know more details here.

Tanchjim One packs an amazing sound in a compact form factor. The pair houses a 10mm dynamic driver unit with a high-quality titanium dome and PU+Peek composite diaphragm. It adopts many advanced technologies such as a triple-composite rear cavity structure, ultra-smooth internal cavity design, and patented anti-interference filter design that contributes to getting a truly high-resolution sound with smoother extensions. The inner cavity is crafted using a high-precision ultra-smooth design which greatly reduces the resonance inside the cavity and ensures crisp high-frequency definition. It also has a patented anti-interference filter on the front cavity. This filter absorbs and suppresses the high-frequency vibrations and reduces resonance amplitude presenting a cleaner output with low distortion.

Tanchjim One-2

Tanchjim One features compact ear shells designed with medical-grade skin-friendly resin material. They have a compact form factor with a simple bullet-shaped design. The rear-cavity is made up of high-quality aluminum alloy material which gives the pair a premium look. Its simple design allows for easy wearability, it is comfortable for both straight-down fit and around-the-ear fit.

Tanchjim One-3

Tanchjim One is available in three different variants. One variant includes a 3.5mm cable, one with a 3.5mm mic cable, and one with a Type-C cable and a 3.5mm cable. Type-C cable has built-in DSP which provides high-res 24-Bit audio signal decoding. Tanchjim One starts at 24.99$, feel free to know more details here.

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