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Tanchjim Kara Five-Driver Hybrid(1DD+4BA) IEMs With Transparent Imported-Resin Material Shells

Tanchjim Kara Five-Driver Hybrid(1DD+4BA) IEMs With Transparent Imported-Resin Material Shells

Tanchjim is a reputed IEM manufacturing brand from China. For many years, Tanchjim has treated us with its outstanding range of products especially single dynamic driver and hybrid configuration IEMs. Today, Tanchjim has announced its brand new pair of flagship-grade hybrid IEMs, presenting the all-new Tanchjim Kara. With an elegant eye-catchy design, a five-driver hybrid setup, and professional tuning adjustments, the Tanchjim Kara promises top-quality sound with a natural and lively tone. The pair has exquisite details and delivers impressive sound clarity throughout a wide frequency band. In terms of looks and design, the pair is compact yet beautifully crafted using a high-quality imported medical-grade resin material. Listen to your favorite tracks with the stylish new Tacnchjim Kara!!

Tanchjim Kara-1

Tanchjim Kara has been launched today priced quite attractively at just 179$, check out more details here.

Tanchjim has equipped the Kara with a five-driver hybrid setup. The pair houses a DMT3 generation dynamic driver unit with a PU+PEEK composite diaphragm. This dynamic driver is tuned for delivering an excellent lower-end response. The bass is refined, dynamic, and punchy in its presentation. We also have four high-performance BA driver configurations here on the Kara alongside the powerful dd unit. There are dual Sonion 2389D units for mid and high-frequency and a dual composite customized BA driver unit for unmatched ultra-high frequency response.

Tanchjim Kara-2

Tanchjim has arranged the drivers in analog three-way frequency crossover. This has been achieved using an ultra-precise acoustic tube structure and electronic crossover between the drivers. The tuning of the Kara is adjusted following Tanchjim’s custom Superlinear frequency curve. It packs impressive sound clarity delivering dynamic lower-end, clear & accurate midrange, and smooth treble section!!

Tanchjim Kara-3

Tanchjim Kara features exquisite looks. The shells are crafted beautifully using a high-quality medical-grade resin material. They have a transparent crystal-like look on the face cover and the internal cavity is completely transparent. The craftsmanship of Tanchjim should be appreciated for the eye-catchy design and premium finish of the shells for Kara. The internal structure of the pair has a 3D printed tube-like design. Kara has a small and compact design which is quite ergonomic and comfortable for long listening hours. Tanchjim Kara comes with a bunch of accessories including a high-quality leather storage case, 6N OFC copper silver-plated cable, and T-APB silicone eartips. With its unique design, quality looks, and professional tuning, Kara is an amazing set of hybrid in-ear monitors from the house of Tanchjim. It’s priced attractively at 179$. Know more details here.

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