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Tanchjim Hana Latest Stainless Steel Earphones Released

Tanchjim Hana Latest Stainless Steel Earphones Released

Tanchjim is China-based audio equipment manufacturing brand. They got good recognition from the audiophile community with their brilliant sounding pair of in-ear monitors. Famous products from the brand include Tachnjim Oxygen, a brilliant pair of in-ear monitors with beautiful stainless steel housings. They have launched the Tanchjim Hana, the latest pair of in-ear monitors with similar stainless steel ear shells just like the famous Tanchjim Oxygen. The latest pair features outstanding gorgeous looks with a nano-grade pigmentation and smooth white color on the stainless steel earpieces. The latest Tanchjim Hana is priced at budget-friendly 169.99$ price, check out more details here.

Tanchjim Hana-1

316L Stainless Steel Earshells:-

Tanchjim Hana-2

The earpieces in Tanchjim Hana are made of high-quality 316L stainless steel material combined with 5-axis CNC technology ensuring outstanding build quality. The earpieces are beautifully colored and have an ergonomic design to them. They go through nano-grade pigmentation ultra-high-temperature coloring process to provide a smooth, wear-resistant, and shiny beautiful feel to them.

Powerful Sound Output Quality:-

Tanchjim Hana-3

The Tanchjim Hana uses third generation high-quality magnetic flux DMT technology architecture jointly developed with a well-known Japanese diaphragm manufacturer. They have precisely tuned the driver unit to provide extremely high detail resolution, delicate natural vocals, powerful lower end, and a well-extended highs section. The sound output is powerful and energetic suiting all genres of music.

High-Quality Bundled Cable:-

The pair comes bundled with a high-quality oxygen-free copper cable that offers low capacitance, low induction. It provides very low interference as compared to other litz cables providing better audio signal transmission preserving rich music details.

Tanchjim Hana-4

The Tanchjim Hana is a very promising pair of in-ear monitors. The brand has already provided us with beautiful sounding pairs like the Tanchjim Oxygen, Tanchjim Cora, and more. The latest Hana features not only a powerful sound driver but also amazing looks with a beautiful nano grade color pigmentation technology. At a price of just 169$, it looks like a steal deal, Check out more details here.

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