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Tanchjim Darling Latest Triple Driver Hybrid IEM Announced

Tanchjim Darling Latest Triple Driver Hybrid IEM Announced

We all know Tanchjim for their well-crafted and sonically astounding pairs of in-ear monitors like the Tanchjim Cora, Tanchjim Oxygen, Tanchjim Hana, and more. They have announced their latest pair, the Tanchjim Darling. Named romantically the bullet-shaped pair boasts a triple driver hybrid setup on each side and produces quite a lively experience for its users. The pair is priced quite competitively at 419.99$ and is available to pre-order from our store here. Shipments will begin shortly.

Tanchjim Darling-1


>Three driver hybrid setup.

>Powerful 6mm dynamic driver unit.

>Two high-performance Sonion BA units.

>Natural-Reference grade sound quality.

>Finely crafted with best acoustic materials with FEA simulation technology.

>Premium T-APB air balance ear tips.

Excellent Craftsmanship:-

Tanchjim Darling-2

Tanchjim is well-known for its excellently crafted earphones, Hana is actually one of the best looking pair in the market. The Darling is not an exception here. Engineers at Tanchjim have applied FEA(Finite Element Analysis) and simulation technology to independently study cavity design, unit structure, coil, and other parts in designing  Darling’s earpieces. They have shown excellent craftsmanship by managing three drivers in such a small cavity design.

Powerful 6mm Dynamic Driver Unit:-

The Tanchjim Darling is equipped with a powerful 6mm dynamic driver unit that delivers precise, controlled lower end with an excellent rumble in the sub-bass. It delivers a very well controlled response that the bass slams doesn’t leak into the other frequencies and complements them well.

Tanchjim Darling-3

High-Performance Sonion BA Drivers:-

Two Sonion balanced armature drivers are paired with the 6mm dynamic driver unit to deliver a smooth, detailed sound output with natural tonality. You are gonna love how beautifully the Darling’s reproduces your music for you!!

Reference-Grade Sound Output:-

Professional acoustic engineers have finely tuned the Darling’s to produce reference-grade natural sound output. The output is pretty rich in reproducing micro-details in our music while maintaining a smooth clarity throughout the frequency response range.

Tanchjim Darling-4

Exquisite Accessories:-

Tanchjim Darling is not a premium pair just by its performance or price, it also comes bundled with some of the finest accessories like premium T-APB air balance ear tips, premium-grade stock cable, and a high-quality earphone carry case.

Pricing & Availability:-

Tanchjim Darling-5

The Tanchjim Darling has got a price tag of 419.99$, it falls into the mid-fi category. But it delivers quality performance with its powerful driver configuration and professional tuning. We are pretty sure you are gonna love the Darling’s in your day to day use with its quality output. Shipments will begin in January.

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