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Softears Twilight: Latest Single Dynamic Driver IEMs With Unique Twisted Shell Design

Softears Twilight: Latest Single Dynamic Driver IEMs With Unique Twisted Shell Design

In a short span of time, Softears has got a good reputation in the audiophile community. The brand which is said to share the design and research team with Moondrop has always focused on delivering premium in-ear monitors. Whether it be their entry-level “Volume” or the ultimate flagship “RS10”, each pair has got recognitions of its own. Turii from Softears is considered to be among the top-performing flagship single-dynamic driver IEMs in the market. Today, Softears has added a new entry to its catalog, meet their latest single dynamic driver set, the Softears Twilight. 

Softears Twilight-1

Softears Twilight has got an identical “Twisted Shell” design identical to the “Turii”, we are guessing that’s the reason behind the slogan for Twilight that says, “Twist Your Ears Twice”.

The shell here is made up of high-quality aviation-grade aluminum alloy material. The earpieces have a robust build and at the same time are extremely lightweight. Each ear piece weighs only 6 grams. The pair is crafted using high-precision five-axis CNC machining processes.

Softears Twilight-2

Softears has featured a 10mm dynamic driver on the Twilight. The driver adopts a high-quality PU Suspension+DLC Diaphragm dome. Softears has specially customized this dynamic driver tuned by professionals for an authentic high-resolution audio experience with lower distortion and a wide frequency response band. With expert tuning from Softears team, the Twilight produces a crisp sound performance with a deep diving lower-end response, accurate midrange presentation, and detailed high-frequencies.

Softears Twilight-3

After continuous testing and adjustments, Softears has managed to get the volume of the rear cavity to match the unit. Using Viscoelastic damping material and diffuser patches, the rear cavity suppresses the cavity resonance and makes it easier to produce a clean and precise performance. This front and rear cavity coupling technology is patented and is inherited from the flagship “Turii”.

Softears Twilight is launched officially for 930$. You can check out more information here.

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