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SMSL SU-1 Latest AK4493S MQA Desktop USB DAC

SMSL SU-1 Latest AK4493S MQA Desktop USB DAC

SMSL is a well-known name in the HiFI Audio industry. The brand is famous for its wide range of high-performance desktop HiFi audio gear. They offer an exciting collection of products including audio decoders, headphone amplifiers, desktop audio players, power amplifiers, and more. Today, SMSL has come up wit ha brand new desktop MQA USB DAC, introducing the all-new SMSL SU1. It’s a compact little device that’s packed with features such as the latest-gen USB processor, high-performance AKM DAC chipset, Optical+Coaxial+USB Digital Inputs, etc. With a compact form factor, the SU-1 will fit different scenarios well!!


SMSL SU-1 is a DAC that comes with a pocket-friendly of just 79.99$. Check out more details here.

SU-1 adopts AKM’s latest AK4493S audio decoding chipset. It provides high-resolution audio signal decoding with great precision and quality. With the help of this premium high-performance decoding chipset, the SU-1 provides clean, rich output with ultra-low distortion of less than 0.00013%. SMSL has also featured XU-316, a 16-Core USB processor from XMOS Technologies. It works in line with the DAC chipset providing asynchronous USB transmission support. The SU-1 supports decoding for high-0resolution PCM and DSD audio signals.


SMSL SU-1 is fully compatible with MQA and MQA CD Sound signal decoding. It supports MQA rendering and decoding through all three of the input ports. One can simply connect the SU-1 to CD Players with optical and coaxial output and enjoy high-definition MQA signal decoding. It has therein put ports, USB Type-C, Optical, and Coaxial. It has built-in LED indicator lights that tells us which input mode is activated.


SMSL SU-1 features high-quality CNC machined aluminum alloy casing. The outer shell of the device is made up of high-quality Aluminum alloy material which protects the audio signal from external interferences and also gives the SU-1 a rich and exquisite finish. The SMSL SU-1 is a high-performance Desktop DAC that packs extraordinary performance in a simple and elegant form factor. SMSL SU-1 is launched officially for just 79.99$, more information here.

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