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SMSL SH-9 Latest THX-888 Balanced Amplifier Announced

SMSL SH-9 Latest THX-888 Balanced Amplifier Announced

To pair with their latest MQA enabled SMSL SU-9 DAC, the brand has released their latest desktop-grade amplifier, the SMSL SH-9. It is a powerful amplifier with both balanced and unbalanced input and output options. The SH-9 is equipped with the certified THX-888 amplification module offering a powerful & clean amplification for your beloved headphones. It has a price tag of 289.99$, check out more details here.


Features & Technical Specs:-

>THX-888 Amplification Module.

>Patented Feed-Forward Error Correction Technology.

>CNC Milled Aluminium Body.

>4-Pin XLR Balanced Headphone Output.

>6.35mm Unbalanced Headphone Output.

>Two Gain Levels(Low: +0dB, High: +10dB).

>Highly Efficient Low-Noise Power Supply.

>1.9” LCD Display.

>Output Power: 6Wx2 @ 16Ω, 3Wx2 @ 32Ω, 440mWx2 @ 300Ω, 220mWx2 @ 600Ω.

>Signal To Noise Ratio: 137dB.

>Output Noise: 1.9uV, A-Weighted.

>THD+N: -123dB, 0.00006%(A-Weighted).

>THD+N: -117dB, 0.00013%(20Hz-20kHz, 32Ohm, -3dB).

>THD+N: -125dB, 0.00006%(1kHz, 16Ω, -3dB).

>Input Impedance: 47kΩ.

>Output Impedance: Near 0Ω.

>Frequency Response: 0.1Hz-500kHz(-3dB).

>Power supply voltage/frequency: AC100-240V, 50-60 Hz.

>Power consumption(EN60065): 24W.

>Power consumption in standby mode: <0.1W.

>Size: 187.5x154x40(mm).

>Packing size: 282x232x79(mm).

>Weight: 790g.

Super Clean Amplification With THX-888 Circuit:-

The SMSL SH-9 is equipped with a certified THX-888 amplification circuit. It provides a clean audio signal amplification with humongous output power. It features a patented feed-forward error correction topology that nullifies conventional distortion mechanisms and reduces harmonic, intermodulation, and crossover distortion. The result is a rich sound output with no distortion and a pitch dark noise-free background.

Fully Balanced Architecture:-


The SMSL SH-9 features a fully balanced circuit architecture. It has fully balanced input and output ports along with unbalanced ones. The device has a 4-pin XLR balanced headphone output with a 6.35mm unbalanced headphone output. It takes input through the balanced XLR ports and unbalanced RCA ports on the back of the device.

Monstrous Output Power:-

Worried whether the SH-9 will be able to deliver enough power for your hungry headphones? Well do not worry, the SH-9 has holds humongous power to power up your cans with ease. It has an output power of up to 6Wx2 on 16Ω load, 3Wx2 on 32Ω load, 440mWx2 @ 300Ω load, and 220mWx2 @ 600Ω load. This much juice plus super clean background and ultra-low distortion makes the SMSL SH-9 the perfect choice for your headphones.

Ultra-Low Noise Power Supply Unit:-

A highly-efficient power supply is a must-have in a good amplifier as it reduces the chances of electrical noise distortion, protects the premium circuitry, and manages the high-fidelity efficiency of the device. SMSL has equipped the SH-9 with a 24W ultra-low-noise high-efficiency power supply to ensure high-quality audio performance without any issues.

High-Precision Volume Adjustments:-

The SMSL SH-9 features a high-precision 256-interval analog volume adjustment built on a resistance array. It offers precise volume adjustment with such high numbers of levels available. With an ultra-low output impedance of nearly 0Ω and such precise volume adjustment, the SH-9 can also be used with sensitive IEMs and Headphones.

Elegant Build:-

The SMSL SH-9 is a slim, elegant looking device build using a CNC milled aluminum body. It looks very classy on the desktop with its edgy design and a multi-color LCD display on the front. The display indicates the volume level, gain, and balance settings.


Price & Availability:-

The SMSL SH-9 is priced at 289.99$, you can order a unit for yourself from our store here. Shipments will begin on 17th November according to the order number sequence.

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