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SMSL Launches D12 High-Performance AK4493S USB DAC With Bluetooth Input & Headphone Output Support

SMSL Launches D12 High-Performance AK4493S USB DAC With Bluetooth Input & Headphone Output Support

SMSL Audio offers one of the largest collections of HiFi desktop audio gear in the industry. Their catalog includes HiFi DACs, Headphone Amps, Power Amps, and other desktop gear. Today, SMSL has released a brand new USB DAC/Headphone AMP, the SMSL D12. D12 brings us a rich and clean sound with AKM’s latest generation DAC chipset. Paired with a high-performance power supply management circuit, XMOS’s latest USB processor, and many more premium components, the SMSL D12 ensures a quality sound experience for its users. It also supports wireless Bluetooth signal input functionality and UAC 1.0 mode for pairing with Gaming Consoles!!

SMSL D12-1

SMSL D12 is priced attractively at just 169.99$, refer more details here.

D12 adopts AKM’s latest AK4493S 32-Bit Stereo DAC Chipset. It has been adjusted to deliver quality performance achieving a clean output with ultra-low harmonic distortion of just 0.00015%. SMSL has featured an XU316 USB processor chipset from XMOS. This 3rd generation chipset promises quality high-resolution audio signal decoding support with the D12. It supports decoding for high-resolution PCM signals with bitrate as high as 32-Bit/768kHz, and DSD512 natively. D12 also supports MQA decoding taking you closer to studio-quality sound performance at the ease of your home!! SMSL has designed the D12 with dual-mode USB connections. It supports both UAC 1.0 and UAC 2.0 protocols. UAC 2.0 will enable easy connection with the latest devices, and UAC 1.0 will allow the user to connect D12 with low-power output sources such as Gaming Consoles and old-generation phones.

SMSL D12-2

Apart from USB, SMSL D12 also supports Bluetooth signal input. Users will be able to feed an audio signal to the device using the wireless Bluetooth connectivity function with their smartphones directly. D12 adopts a high-performance power management chipset as well that helps in managing power and delivering a clean output. It can be used as both a pre-amp or headphone amp as it supports RCA line-out and 6.35mm single-ended headphone outputs through the available ports on the device. While using the D12 with Headphones, it provides clean and powerful output supporting most headphones out there. The amp section delivers up to 400mW of clean output.

SMSL D12-3

SMSL has got years of experience in designing budget and high-end desktop audio gear, They have designed the all-new D12 with a compact and handy form factory. The device is built using CNC machined aluminum alloy shell for a premium finish. SMSL D12 is available with an attractive price tag of just 169.99$, you can refer more details here.

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