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SMABAT M4 Fourth-Generation Modular Earphones With 15mm LCP Dynamic Driver

SMABAT M4 Fourth-Generation Modular Earphones With 15mm LCP Dynamic Driver

What if we tell you one earphone can be used as both Flathead Earbuds as well as an in-ear monitor, Will you believe us?? Well, Today we are officially launching the all-new SMABAT M4, a fully modular earphone where users can easily replace the front module to use it as an in-ear or as a flat-head earbud. SMABAT has equipped the pair generously with a new-generation 15mm dynamic driver unit with a second-gen LCP(liquid crystal polymer) diaphragm. Use the M4 as an earbud or as an in-ear monitor and enjoy your favourite music as you like!!


SMABAT M4 earbuds are launched in a luxurious Green colour priced at 60$. More details here.

The most unique feature of the SMABAT M4 is the replaceable front module cavity. The pair comes with two sets of front modules(one with an in-ear style cavity design and the other with a flathead front cavity design). SMABAT has designed the modules with high-quality silicone sealing to achieve the perfect seal between the front and rear cavity structures. The Flathead module provides a more open and free sound while the in-ear module provides better isolation resulting in crispier instruments and deeper bass response.


SMABAT M4 houses a 15mm large dynamic driver unit that adopts a second-generation LCP diaphragm. It enables clear sound reproduction with strong bass response and rich clarity. SMABAT has crafted the set with an exquisite luxurious finish with a high-quality machined aluminium oxide metallic cavity structure. Their ergonomic design ensures a comfortable wearing experience. It comes with a bunch of eartips and a standard 3.5mm terminated cable.


SMABAT M4 is a fantastic set of earbuds, a fourth-generation of earbuds from SMABAT actually. They offer great performance with rich modular options. It is priced at 60$, worth checking out in our opinion. Check out more details on the SMABAT M4 over here.

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