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Six Updates With the All-New Topping DX7 Pro+: DX7 Pro+ vs DX7 Pro

Six Updates With the All-New Topping DX7 Pro+: DX7 Pro+ vs DX7 Pro

Topping has released an update to its classic DX7 Pro desktop all-in-one DAC/AMP with the all-new Topping DX7 Pro+. Originally released back in 2019, the DX7 Pro has been a top-selling product for Topping. It has been a highly versatile all-in-one desktop solution that has served the users quite well. But in order to keep the series up to date with the advanced features, an update was required for the DX7 Pro. Topping has thought over this, and they have brought us the all-new DX7 Pro+. It upgrades the DX7 from the ground up with an all-new I/V conversion chipset, a specially designed NFCA headphone amplification circuit, and many more features.

Topping DX7 Pro Plus-2

The latest DX7 Pro+ is launched officially for 699$, about 50$ above the DX7 Pro. Check out more information on the DX7 Pro+ here.

When it comes to pure audio performance, the new DX7 Pro+ has got six new updates over the OG DX7 Pro. Let’s discuss them.

Updated Bluetooth Chipset:-

DX7 Pro+ comes with an all-new QCC5125 Bluetooth chipset from Qualcomm. The previous model used to come with CSR8675. With the all-new Bluetooth chip, the DX7 Pro+ has got latest Bluetooth V5.1 connectivity for signal input with LDAC/APTX HD transmission codecs. It offers better BT connectivity than the previous model with a more stable experience.

Improved DAC Performance with new I/V Conversion Circuit:-

Topping has kept the DAC chip the same as the previous model, both the DX7 Pro and the DX7 Pro+ house the ES9038Pro 32-Bit DAC chip from ESS Sabre Technologies. But with an all-new I/V conversion circuitry, the DX7 Pro+ gets much better performance than the previous model. It achieves a Total Harmonic Distortion(THD+N) of up to 0.00006%, about 57% cleaner than the previous model. This also improves the crosstalk performance promising a cleaner experience for the user.

Topping DX7 Pro Plus-2

Improved NFCA Headphone AMP Circuit:-

With the help of an improved NFCA headphone amplification circuitry on the new DX7 Pro+, Topping has achieved cleaner headphone output with ultra-low distortion. DX7 Pro+ achieves a THD+N of less than 0.00009% while using the headphone output. It is about 70% lower than the performance of the Topping DX7 Pro.

Cleaner Output With Lower Background Noise:-

The new NFCA circuit also allows the user to connect their highly-sensitivity IEMs with the DX7 Pro+. At the low gain level, the DX7 Pro+ has <1.4uVrms noise ratings. This is almost half the ratings we had with the DX7 Pro. Even at the high-gain level, the performance is the same, DX7 Pro+ producing a cleaner background.

Topping DX7 Pro Plus-4

More Than Double The Driving Power:-

The new NFCA headphone amp circuit provides extremely powerful output power ratings. DX7 Pro+ outputs 1900mnWxx2 @ 32Ω of load. Even at 300Ω of load, the DX7 Pro+ outputs about 320mW of clean output power. DX7 Pro+ has got extremely powerful output ratings, the numbers are exactly twice what we had with the OG DX7 Pro.

Improved Output Impedance:-

Previously, the original DX7 Pro had an output impedance rating of 4.7Ω. It was not exactly good for sensitive IEMs, but the all-new DX7 Pro+ comes with a newly designed audio circuitry. It now has an output impedance of less than 0.1Ωm it works perfectly fine with highly sensitive as well as high-power requiring HPs/IEMs.

Topping DX7 Pro Plus-5

It’s like a completely new product from Topping, the DX7 Pro+ brings drastic improvements in the sound performance over the previous model, and an all-new design frame too. If you are looking for a high-end all-in-one Desktop DAC+Headphone AMP, the new Topping DX7 Pro+ is an outstanding device priced attractively at just 699$. Feel free to check out more information over here.

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