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Sivga Luan Open-Back Wooden Headphones With 50mm Composite Diaphragm Dynamic Drivers

Sivga Luan Open-Back Wooden Headphones With 50mm Composite Diaphragm Dynamic Drivers

Sivga Audio is a known and reputed name in the industry. The brand focuses on the design, development, and marketing of high-quality over-ear headphones designed with a rich wooden finish. Sivga has now come up with brand new open-back headphones, meet the all-new Sivga Luan. Designed with a large-sized 50mm dynamic driver unit, and an open-back architecture, the Sivga Luan promises quality sound with high-resolution clarity and a dynamic, punchy lower end. Sivga has equipped the Luan with a strong magnetic architecture that enables swift movement of the diaphragm coil and delivers a clear sound with ultra-low distortion!!

Sivga Luan-2

Sivga Luan is introduced in two beautiful color options, Black & Brown. The headphone looks stunning in both color options. It is launched for 359$, you can check out more details here.

Sivga has equipped the Luan headphones with a large 50mm dynamic driver unit. It is a customized driver with made using high-quality components such as a nickel-coated carbon-fiber composite dome and copper-clad aluminum alloy coil. The driver also features high-strength magnetic architecture featuring 24.5mm over-sized NdFeB magnets that produces Tesla-grade flux ensuring high sensitivity and clear sound reproduction. Sivga has professionally adjusted the tuning of the Luan for a deep-bass response and smoothly done full-layered midrange and extended treble performance. The pair has been adjusted to suit different genres of music!!

Sivga Luan-4

Sivga Luan is a very well-built set of over-ear headphones. It features solid-stabilized wooden ear cups made using a high-precision CNC machining process. Each ear cup has a unique textured finish. Wooden ear cups reduce internal resonance sound reflections as well. The Sivga Luan Headphones also adopt high-quality skin-friendly velvet ear pads and headbands. The frame is made using high-quality CNC machined metallic alloy material.

Sivga Luan-3

Sivga Luan headphones have standard 3.5mm connectors on the headphone side. The included stock cable provides superior sound performance, It is designed with TPU rubber coating protecting the signals from microphonic issues. Sivga Luan is priced quite attractively at just 359$, you can check out more details here.

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