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SIVGA Announces The PHOENIX Open-Back Dynamic Driver Headphone

SIVGA Announces The PHOENIX Open-Back Dynamic Driver Headphone


SIVGA has been known for its well-performing, high-quality headphones. Many models incorporate exotic materials such as wood for the exterior housing. After a period of endless experimentation with many different types of wood, SIVGA finally picked Zebrawood as the best material for the exterior shell.

The new headphone model is called PHOENIX, and it is a pair of open-back over-ear headphones that use a dynamic driver to deliver a high-quality, low distortion sound.



The SIVGA PHOENIX Headphone features a dynamic driver embedded in a beautiful Zebrawood housing. The soft, padded headband and earpads are designed to deliver maximum comfort for long listening sessions.

The wire of the outer stainless steel grill is covered by a black coating lacquer, then processed by an aviation grade aluminum CNC. Finally the aluminum undergoes an anodizing and sandblasting process. 

The expansive soundstage, deep, rich sound, and excellent craftsmanship, the SIVGA PHOENIX, bring a very high price to performance ratio to the headphone users worldwide. 

50mm Dynamic Driver Delivers an Impactful Bass Performance:

Equipped with SIVGA's exclusively developed Polycarbonate Ultra-thin diaphragm, these headphones are built for enjoying all types of music. However, their real power shines when listening to heavy bass music such as dubstep, EDM, and hip hop.

The Ultra-thin Polycarbonate diaphragm was developed independently by SIVGA's team. The optimally tuned driver of the PHOENIX, along with the diaphragm's uniquely designed structure, combine to eliminate the common shortcomings of the dynamic driver.

As a result, the PHOENIX provides a powerful bass response with an unprecedented level of clarity and well-defined tonality.

Earpads and Comfort: 

Imported suede leather covers the whole Elastic headband, so that is more comfortable on the head. Each earcup is outfitted with a stainless steel grill. The open-back design creates a big soundstage with pinpoint imaging.

The earpads are ergonomic, soft, and allow maximum comfort. The ear muff's inner layer is made of inert sponge. The ear cups have enough room to avoid causing any pressure on the ears while also providing a good seal.

The outer material of the earpads is made of skin-friendly velvet, are soft and plush, ensuring long listening hours without fatigue.


The PHOENIX uses a 50mm dynamic driver to deliver amazing quality. Powerful bass, clear mids, combined a well-extended treble, deliver very low distortion, non-fatiguing sound.


With a quoted nominal impedance of only 32Ω, The PHOENIX is a pretty sensitive headphone. Users can easily drive them from any PC, smartphone or even game controller.

Of course, By using a proper source of amplification, the headphone changes dramatically, the dynamic range expands and the bass dramatically tightens up.


Technical specs:

  • Transducer type: Dynamic
  • Driver Diameter: 50mm
  • Sensitivity: 103 dB±3 dB
  • Impedance: 32Ω±15%
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz-20 kHz
  • Weight: 296 gm


The PHOENIX comes with a replaceable single-ended 3.5 mm cable. An adapter is included with the set of accessories so that the headphones can be used with portable sources.


The SIVGA PHOENIX is available now for $259.99

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