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Singxer UIP-1 Pro USB 2.0 Noise Isolator News

Singxer UIP-1 Pro USB 2.0 Noise Isolator News

In a Hi-Res desktop audio chain, USB Isolators are highly effective when your source is not clean and usually have interference issues. Today, Singxer has come up with a brand new USB isolator for HiFi desktop chains, introducing the all-new Singxer UIP-1 Pro. It comes as an upgrade over the classic UIP-1 USB isolator that came out a few years back. The UIP-1 Pro brings a noticeable performance upgrade to your chain simply by greatly reducing noise introduced by USB power and other electromagnetic interferences.

Singxer UIP-1 Pro-1

Singxer UIP-1 Pro is launched for 280$, check out more information here.

The UIP-1 Pro is fully compatible with USB 2.0 ports. It also has hot-plug functionality and supports USB1.0 and USB1.1 ports as well. With Advanced technology and design, UIP-1 Pro has ESD protection up to 15000 Volts of IEC air-gap discharge. The device has a USB Type-B input socket and a USB input with a 5V power supply. The high-speed isolator supports a USB transmission rate of up to 480 Mbps and an isolation voltage of up to 2kvRMS. It has a standard USB-B port for signal input and a standard USB-A female socket for signal output. The device takes DC6-9V power input.

Singxer UIP-1 Pro-2

The main job of UIP-1 Pro is to clean the provided input signal. It rectifies the signal by removing the jitter and greatly enhances the signal transmission by removing noise introduced by the USB power and electromagnetic interferences.  It easily isolates the signal from front-end complex noises. The isolated signal is then reformed into the USB controller and prepared for output via the USB output port.

Singxer UIP-1 Pro-3

Singxer UIP-1 Pro is an ideal device that brings the best out of any given audio chain by isolating the USB signal and clearing it of jitter and noise. You are treated with a crystal-clear signal that greatly enhances your listening pleasure. Singxer UIP-1 Pro is launched officially for 280$, you can check more features and functions here.

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