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Singxer SDA-6 Pro 2 Latest Flagship Dual AKM4499EX DAC

Singxer SDA-6 Pro 2 Latest Flagship Dual AKM4499EX DAC

Singxer has just dropped an upgraded variant for its amazing SDA-6 Desktop DAC, introducing the all-new Singxer SDA-6 Pro 2. The SDA-6 Pro 2 is an upgraded release with a new-generation AKM DAC chipset, specially customized FPGA Architecture, external 10M clock input, customized PLL design, independent power supply structure, etc. All these new features help us to take the performance of the SDA-6 to another level of awesomeness, the SDA-6 Pro 2 competes well with the flagship-level products with its impeccable sound performance. Get the SDA-6 Pro 2 for your desktop chain and upgrade your setup with the flagship DAC!!

Singxer SDA-6 Pro2-1

Singxer SDA-6 Pro 2 is launched officially for $1299, you can check out more details here.

For exquisitely rich sound reproduction, the Singxer SDA-6 Pro 2 comes equipped with the fourth generation AKM DAC chipset. The DAC houses AK4191+Dual AK4499EX DAC chips, the latest in the AKM’s Velvet Sound lineup. This 32-bit DAC arrangement along with the XMOS XU316 USB Processor and customized FPGA architecture promises a true high-resolution audio signal decoding. The SDA-6 Pro 2 supports native DSD512 and 32-bit/768kHz PCM audio signals. Singxer SDA-6 Pro 2 adopts a self-developed FPGA design consisting of third-gen algorithms with original multi-input channel isolation technology. It ensures we get pure sound performance with smooth signal transmission for every input mode on the DAC. The DAC provides multiple digital filters for PCM signals. DSD signals work in NOS mode.

Singxer SDA-6 Pro2-2

Singxer has featured a high-performance digital-analog hybrid phase-locked loop that works on providing an excellent clock synchronization recovery technology. This PLL provides improved performance by filtering external digital input jitter. Singxer has also developed an adaptive low-jitter clock system for the SDA-6 Pro 2. It has a built-in 4-way independent ultra-low jitter femtosecond crystal. The clock architecture is embedded with Singxer’s self-developed thermostat technology to maintain a constant temperature. The SDA-6 Pro 2 also supports external 10M clock input for the USB interface while the other interfaces work with WCK input. The SDA-6 Pro 2 adopts full Class A architecture for the output.

Singxer SDA-6 Pro2-3

Singxer has developed many premium-quality desktop devices. They know how to design them to deliver quality performance. The latest SDA-6 Pro 2 features a built-in 40-watt customized O-type transformer. It has four independent power supply that provides consistent power supply to both the digital and the analog circuits ensuring quality performance even in heavy load situations. Singxer SDA-6 Pro 2 brings us a remarkable performance in a simple, classic design. The device has a CNC-machined metallic chassis and also features an OLED display screen (the brightness of this screen can be adjusted).

Singxer SDA-6 Pro 2 is an amazing device. It is highly equipped with advanced chips and promises quality output with a rich, analog feel. Order yours with us today, it is launched for $1299. Check out more information here.

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