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Singxer SA-1 Latest Class A Amplifier Available Now

Singxer SA-1 Latest Class A Amplifier Available Now

Singxer is a China-based Hi-Fi audio equipment manufacturing brand. They have specialized R&D teams with years of experience in the audio industry. They are the lead developers of the latest XMOS xCORE-200 series processors. Singxer has released its latest high-resolution audio amplifier, the Singxer SA-1.

Meet the all-new Singxer SA-1:-

Singxer SA-1

The Singxer SA-1 is a high-performance fully balanced, fully discrete Class-A amp/pre-amp. It provides ultimate sound signal amplification characteristics with ultra-low noise and distortion ratings. The SA-1 adopts a true four-way fully independent discrete Class A amplifier circuit design. You can enjoy your high-demanding headphones with an ultimate power rating of up to 6480mW at 32Ω of load. The awesome Singxer SA-1 is priced at 599$. Check out more details here.


>Super-Clean output.

>Ultra-low Distortion.

>Ultra-low Noise Floor.

>Fully Balanced Architecture.

>Class A Amp/Pre-Amp Output.

>4-Pin XLR/4.4mm Balanced Headphone Output.

>6.35mm Single-ended Output.

>Balanced XLR and Unbalanced RCA line-out.

>Balanced XLR and Unbalanced RCA signal input.

>Two Gain Modes: Low/High.

>Balanced Maximum Output Power: 6480mW @ 32Ω, 2000mW @ 120Ω, 380mW @ 600Ω.

>Signal To Noise Ratio: 147dB.

>Dynamic Range: 147dB.

Pure Analog Amplification Circuit:-

Singxer SA1-2

The Singxer SA-1 features a true four-way fully independent, fully discrete Class-A amplification circuit design. It is a pure analog circuit with pure analog control without any EMI(Electro-Magnetic Interference) caused by digital controls.

Class AB Architecture:-

The amplifier circuit adopts the class AB architecture developed by Singxer themselves. The differential input tube adopts ROHM’s ultra-low noise audio dedicated tube. The final output circuit uses multi-stage current amplification. Each channel uses two pairs of ON semiconductor’s 4A mid-power tube to output in parallel to ensure low internal resistance and strong driving force. The result is a powerful distortion-free output signal.

Ultimate Sound Signal Amplification:-

The Singxer SA-1 provides ultimate super-clean sound signal amplification for your music. This makes the output much more enjoyable with a pitch dark background. Micro-details pop-out and present a more enjoyable musical experience.

Ultra-Low Distortion & Noise Floor:-

Enjoy high-resolution music with your HiFi headphones with ultra-low distortion and noise from the Singxer SA-1. The amplifier has a total harmonic distortion+noise(THD+N) of -120dB @ 1kHz A-weighted. Even at 50mV output at low-gain, the THD+N rating still achieves -96dB @ 1kHz A-weighted.

The amplifier has a super clean output with a bottom noise of 300nv RMS A-weighted. At maximum output power, the Signal Noise Ratio and Dynamic Range is 147dB. You can also pair your sensitive IEMs with the SA-1 without worrying anything about background noise.

Singxer SA1-3

Utilize the SA-1 as Headphone AMP or Pre-Amp your choice:-

You can utilize the Singxer SA-1 either as a headphone amplifier or a pre-amplifier for your speakers or other power amplifiers in the chain. It supports three headphone output ports, 4-pin XLR/4.4mm balanced ports, and 6.35mm single-ended output. For pre-amp lineout, the device is equipped with balanced XLR line-out and RCA un-balanced line-out.

The SA-1 has a maximum output power rating of up to 6480mW @ 32 Ω load through its balanced ports.

Circuit Protection:-

The SA-1 has internal designed circuit protection against overcurrent, overload, overheating, short circuit, Start-up delay, and output relay can be cut off immediately when shutting down. So enjoy your music without worrying about power causing any trouble to your device.

Singxer SA1-4

Price & Availability:-

The Singer SA-1 has a price tag of 599$, it can be purchased from our store here. Shipments will begin shortly.

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