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Simgot EM10 1DD+8A+1PZT Driver IEMs

Simgot EM10 1DD+8A+1PZT Driver IEMs

Simgot has released its latest flagship IEM, the Simgot EM10. Codenamed “Dream”, Simgot EM10 is the brand’s latest flagship offering with a 10-driver tribrid setup on each side. It features a 1DD+8BA+1PZT driver setup on each side. With careful tuning adjustments, scientific R&D developed acoustic structure, quad-way crossover, the Simgot EM10 is designed for a reference-level sound performance. The set packs an outstanding sound performance in an exquisite package!! Simgot EM10 is available for $439.99, check out more information and details here.

Simgot EM10-1

Simgot EM10 comes equipped with a 10-driver tribrid setup on each side. This includes a high-power customized 8mm dynamic driver unit, eight high-performance Balanced Armature drivers, and a Piezo Electric ceramic driver. Each driver unit here has been carefully adjusted, placed, and tuned for an excellent listening experience. The PZT driver here adopts pure copper vibrating substrate and multi-layered piezo electric coating. Simgot has placed it in the rear cavity.

The drivers are arranged together in a four-way crossover featuring a multi-channel damping system and a four-way RC circuit. Simgot has carefully monitored the performance of each driver unit and filtered to get the desired sound profile.

Simgot EM10-2

Simgot EM10 ear shells have a lightweight design with ergonomic shape. The shells are super comfortable and provide great wearing comfort to the users. With metallic face covers, the pair has got an elegant and classy look. Simgot bundles a high-purity cable with the EM10. The stock cable has a Litz-braided structure. It is a silver-plated copper cable with a multi-core design. The high-purity wire cores in the cable makes sure you get extremely smooth high-resolution audio signal transmission. It has universal 0.78mm 2-pin connectors and comes in 3.5mm/4.4mm termination options.

Simgot EM10-3

Simgot EM10 is a wonderful pair of in-ear monitors that houses a flagship-level driver configuration. With professional design by Simgot, the pair promises a reference level, studio-grade sound quality performance. We are really excited for the Simgot EM10, are you?? You can get one for yourself for just $439.99.

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