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Simgot EA500 10mm Dual-Magnetic Dual-Cavity IEMs with Detachable Tuning Nozzles

Simgot EA500 10mm Dual-Magnetic Dual-Cavity IEMs with Detachable Tuning Nozzles

As simple as it might get, the world of audiophilia is interesting where we get exciting products almost on a daily basis. Today, we are bringing you one such new pair of in-ear monitors from a brand called Simgot. Simgot is a brand focused on the design and development of high-fidelity in-ear monitors at pocket-friendly prices. Their products are getting good reviews worldwide, and we are proudly launching their latest EA500 IEMs on our store. Simgot EA500 is a brand-new pair of single-dynamic driver IEMs that features a newly-developed 10mm dual-cavity, dual-magnetic dynamic driver unit on each side!! The exciting part here with the EA500 is that this single dynamic driver pair brings two different tuning profiles with itself. It has a detachable tuning nozzle design that offers two tuning curves for the listeners. Let’s find out more about the EA500.

Simgot EA500-1

Simgot EA500 is available with us officially for 92$, you can check out more details here.

EA500 houses a 10mm dynamic driver unit on each side with a 4th generation DLC composite diaphragm. The driver adopts a dual-magnetic and dual-cavity design. Different from regular dual-magnetic drivers, the one here adopts a powerful N52 magnet architecture inside and outside the driver unit. Both these magnetic circuits produce a powerful magnetic flux that allows for swift diaphragm movement resulting in a cleaner sound with lower distortion. Dual-Cavity design helps manage the air pressure buildup and also results in cleaner sound reproduction with the set. EA500 with this driver unit is able to produce an impactful sound, a sound that instantly captivates its listeners with its ultimate resolution and clarity!!

Simgot EA500-2

The dynamic driver inside EA500 adopts a 4th generation DLC composite diaphragm. This diaphragm coil has been specially developed in different parts, DLC offers a strong righty, high-damping structure that produces crisp Treble performance, and an Elastic composite material is used to build the edge that produces lovely midrange response and powerful lower-end movement. Simgot has featured an adjustable tuning function on the EA500. It comes with a detachable nozzle with two different sets in the package. The pair actually has two different frequency options easily adjustable by switching the nozzle. The red nozzle follows Harman Curve 2016, promising a balanced sound profile with cleaner sound while the black nozzle follows SImgot’s classic curve that enhances the resolution and detail level by improving the presence of the treble frequencies!!

Simgot EA500-3

EA500 is nothing less than a piece of art, the ear shells are designed in such a manner that they look like an art piece. The shells are crafted using high-quality, high-density metallic alloy. The shells are made with a special mirror-plating process that gives them a lovely mirror finish. It comes with a high-quality silver-plated OFC cable with standard 0.78mm 2-pin connectors. Simgot EA500 looks exciting with its special new driver unit and its tuning adjustment feature. It is launched officially for 92$, you can check out more details on our website here.

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