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Simgot EA2000: Latest Flagship IEMs with 12mm DD+6mm Passive Bass Radiator

Simgot EA2000: Latest Flagship IEMs with 12mm DD+6mm Passive Bass Radiator

Simgot has introduced its latest pair of flagship IEMs with the announcement of the all-new Simgot EA2000. The pair houses a combination of a high-power dynamic driver along with a passive radiator unit, both of which together process a powerful sound output. Simgot has featured beautifully crafted CNC-machined stainless steel ear cavities for the EA2000. The pair comes with a high-purity silver-plated cable that adopts a swappable termination plug design. Simgot has smartly featured different tuning circuits inside the termination plugs that help them achieve adjustable tuning by simply changing the termination on the cable. It’s an interesting new feature and looks promising as well.

Simgot EA2000-1

Simgot EA2000 is the latest flagship from Simgot, it is launched officially at an attractive price tag of 319.99$. You can check out more information on the EA2000 here.

EA2000 adopts a specially developed 12mm large dynamic driver unit as its main full-frequency driver. It features a dual-cavity design and dual-magnetic circuit. The magnetic circuit here has been optimized with great strength. It produces an ultimate magnetic flux of about 1.9T, enabling swift movement of the diaphragm and producing crisp, clean sound with ultra-low distortion in the output signal. When this driver moves the air around, the 6mm passive radiator starts its working mechanism, it resonates consistently at a particular frequency range. Simgot has adjusted this PR driver to enhance the lower-end response in the output signal.

Simgot EA2000-2

Simgot EA2000 comes as a beautifully designed pair. The shells here are made using a high-precision 5-axis CNC machining process. They are carved out of high-quality stainless steel material. After multiple polishing and coating processes, the shell achieves a classy mirror finish to them. This mirror finish is supported by a highly-transparent face cover that features a beautiful pattern. All-in-all, the EA2000 looks beautiful. The shells have been optimized in an ergonomic shape that ensures a comfy fit for most users with an around-the-ear wearing design.

Simgot EA2000-3

Simgot EA2000 comes with a high-quality silver-plated OFC cable as stock. It has an 8-core configuration made using a special weaving process. It treats the users with a clean and natural sound with stable signal transmissions. The cable has 19 strands per core, a total of 152 strands in the cable. It adopts a high-quality skin-friendly TPE material outer coating that makes the cable oxidation resistant and also protects the signal from microphonic issues. This cable has swappable termination plugs with each plug having a different tuning circuit that helps in adjusting the output to everyone’s liking.

Simgot EA2000-4

Simgot EA2000 is a flagship pair that promises quality performance with a superior build quality. The pair is priced at 319.99$, feel free to check out more details here.

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