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Shozy P10 Planar+DD Composite Driver IEMs With Tri-Vent Dampening Structure

Shozy P10 Planar+DD Composite Driver IEMs With Tri-Vent Dampening Structure

Shozy has brought us an all-new pair of high-performance in-ear monitors, presenting the all-new Shozy P10. This wonderful pair of IEMs is designed with a Planar and Dynamic Driver composite setup, combined with a specially developed tri-vent Dampening structure, the pair promises impressive sound performance. Shozy has also featured exclusive solid-stabilized wooden face covers that give the pair an astonishing look. Shozy P10 is up there on our radar for being an impressive IEM. Let’s know more about them.

Shozy P10-1

Shozy P10 is available for an attractive price of just $109, you can check out more details here.

Shozy P10 adopts a specially developed driver configuration. Instead of a DD or a multi-BA setup, we have a Planar and DD Composite unit. Shozy has brought the best of both worlds for us, we have fast transients, low distortion, and wide staging of a planar magnetic driver unit and we have stronger dynamics and high sensitivity of the dynamic drivers here. The drivers work flawlessly, and the combination works perfectly in presenting a cohesive and amazing sound performance.

Shozy P10-2

Shozy has developed the P10 with a new Dampening structure. The pair has three asymmetrical vents that maintain the air pressure inside the driver cavity, allowing the drivers to breathe properly and produce an impressive sound performance. This tri-vent design along with the Dampening structure enhances the overall wearing comfort as well as lowers the distortion in the output as well.

Shozy P10-3

Shozy P10 received professional treatment in terms of sound tuning. We have an exceptionally solid bass response along with clear vocals that have a rich and natural tone, and the treble region also has a smooth and detailed presentation. An exciting, lively, fun sound awaits you with the all-new Shozy P10. Shozy has hand-crafted the P10 for amazing looks and great comfort. The pair features solid-stabilized wooden face covers that give the set a rich and premium look & Feel.

Shozy P10-4

Shozy P10 immerses you in great music with its ultimate performance and great comfort. At just 109$, the P10 looks like an amazing set that can easily grab a place among your daily sets. With Shozy’s newly developed dampening structure design and tri-vent technology, the P10 provides great wearing comfort!! You can grab a unit of Shozy P10 from here, Shipments have already begun for this wonderful pair of in-ear monitors.

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