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Shozy Black Hole Latest Single DD Flagship IEM Announced

Shozy Black Hole Latest Single DD Flagship IEM Announced

Many HiFi IEM manufacturers are now opting for a single dynamic driver setup for their premium high-end pairs. Earlier this year DUNU released the DUNU Luna, just a few days back we got the Moondrop Illumination. The Luna has grabbed a lot of positive reviews from the audiophiles all around the Globe ever since it's release and the Moondrop Illumination is also attracting a lot of orders with the brilliant crafted earpieces and reference-grade sound tuning. Today we are here to tell you about Shozy’s take on this single DD unit flagship IEM market. Shozy has entered the single DD flagship game with its latest Shozy Black Hole pair of IEMs. It is the latest flagship DD pair from the brand featuring unique Black-Hole designed faceplates and a professionally tuned powerful DD unit providing its users with an unmatched musical experience. The pair is priced at 799$, check out more details here.

Shozy Black Hole-1


>Powerful Single-Dynamic Driver Unit.

>Unique Black-Hole Faceplate Design.

>Patented Multiple Separation Technology.

>Smooth, Detailed, High-Res Sound Clarity.

>Premium High-Quality Detachable Cable.

>Premium Earphone Carry Case.

Unique New Looks:-

Shozy Black Hole-2

The Shozy Black Hole is Co-engineered with KOOK™ Electro-Acoustic Engineering Lab from the USA with patented acoustic technologies applied. Earpieces in the Shozy Black Hole features specially designed unique semi-open back faceplates. They feature a unique Black Hole design on the faceplates signifying the Black Hole theory of the universe. According to the theory whenever a matter enters into the Black Holes in the universe it can never escape, similarly here in our Black Hole it produces the minutest of the details from your music and never misses on any micro details.

Shozy Black Hole-7

Shozy Black Hole-8

The beautiful pair is available in four very beautiful colors, Gold, Silver, Rose-Gold, and Black.

Powerful Performance:-

Shozy Black Hole-3

The Shozy Black Hole features a powerful single dynamic driver unit on each side. It is tuned professionally to provide a fuller, rich sound output with super high dynamics and smooth detailing. The pair produces a crisp high-resolution output with crisp clarity complementing different genre’s of music really well.

Multiple Frequency Separation Technology:-

Shozy Black Hole-4

The pair features Shozy’s patented Multiple Frequency Separation Technology, it ensures none of the frequency bands overlaps each other. This results in a rich distortion-free sound clarity output with a smooth consistency across the entire frequency band.

Premium Bundled Accessories:-

Shozy Black Hole comes with a bunch of premium accessories bundled in the package. The package contains a premium carry case, high-purity detachable cable with a 3.5mm termination plug, and six pairs of silicone ear tips in different sizes.

Shozy Black Hole-5

The Shozy Black Hole is a strong contender to look forward to with its unique new design, powerful driver units, professional sound tuning, and many more features. This amazing pair is available to order from our online store at a price of 799$, check out more details here. Shipments will begin shortly.

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