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Shanling UP5 Firmware V1.6.0 and XMOS V1.12 Update Announced

Shanling UP5 Firmware V1.6.0 and XMOS V1.12 Update Announced

Shanling has announced the latest firmware update for its latest UP5 Bluetooth+USB DAC/AMP. It updates the UP5 to the latest firmware V1.6.0. This update brings several optimizations and fixes several issues being faced by the users. It optimizes independent volume settings between media playback and calls, optimizes Bluetooth and USB DAC playback switching. It fixes the issue causing an incorrect sampling rate being shown while using the UP5 as a USB DAC. It also optimizes MQA playback on the device. Let’s get your UP5 updated to the latest firmware.

Shanling UP5-1

Changelog with the Firmware 1.6.0:-

>Optimised independent volume setting between media playback and calls.

>Optimised Bluetooth and USB DAC playback switching.

>Fixed issue causing incorrect sampling rate being displayed while using the UP5 as a USB DAC.

>Optimised noise issues in certain situations.

>fixed issue causing a sound difference between UAC 1 and UAC 2 modes.

>Optimised MQA playback.

>Optmised compatibility with different chargers.

>Fixed issue with charging switch.

>Minor bug fixes.

How to update your Shanling UP5 to the latest firmware:-

This update brings an update to the XMOS chip(MQA playback optimization), so an OTA update is not possible. You have to manually update the UP5 using a Windows computer.

There are two processes one has to do in order to update the UP5 to the latest firmware. One is the firmware upgrade and the other is the XMOS update. Both the processes are listed below.

Firstly, download the update zip file from google drive here. Unzip the downloaded zip file, you get two folders, one is a firmware upgrade and the other is an XMOS upgrade. We will start with the XMOS upgrade.

Shanling UP5-2

XMOS Update:-

>Turn your UP5 on and make sure it’s switched to UAC 2.0(available in the settings menu).

>Connect it to your Windows computer.

>Go to the “UP5 XMOS Update V1.12” folder.

>Run “Shanling_USBAudio_v5.20.0_2021-07-13_setup.exe” to install the UP5 USB driver.(Skip If you already have the Shanling USB Driver V5.20 installed).

>Run the “ShanlingUSBAudioDfu.exe”.

>UP5 will be recognized by the application. If not please restart the process from the beginning.

>Click on “Browse…” and locate the “app_xu208_usb_audio_NEW_shanlin_up5_uac2_V112_dfu.bin” file located in the XMOS update folder.

>Click on “Start”.

>Update process will finish shortly.

>Close the program and disconnect the UP5.

This process will update the XMOS processor in your UP5 to the V1.12 that allows for MQA playback with the device.

Now onto the firmware upgrade process.

Shanling UP5-3

Firmware V1.6.0 Firmware Update:-

Turn on your UP5, go to the settings menu and switch to UAC:1.0. Turn off the UP5 and connect it to a windows computer.

>Your system will detect the UP5 itself, if not then you will have to install the USB driver again.(Instructions are provided in the downloaded pdf file.

>Go to the downloaded “Firmware Upgrade” folder and click on “ upgrade.bat” to start the update procedure.

>Wait for the update to finish, reaching 100%.

>After the update is complete, wait for another 60 seconds as depicted in the window.

>Wait for the UP5 to restart itself, and you are good to go with the latest XMOS and Firmware upgrade installed on your UP5.

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