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Shanling UA4 Latest ES9069Q High-Performance Portable USB DAC/AMP

Shanling UA4 Latest ES9069Q High-Performance Portable USB DAC/AMP

Shanling is a well-recognised name in the hi-fi audio industry. The brand is known for its exclusive range of premium high-fidelity audio products including products from different categories such as portable USB DACs, portable audio players, in-ear monitors, and more. Among their lineup, the “UA” series of portable USB DAC/AMPs are widely appreciated for their fantastic price-to-performance ratio. The series has many successful products including UA1s, UA3, UA2 Plus, etc. Today, we are super excited to bring you their latest launch in the famous “UA” series, introducing the amazing Shanling UA4. Combining the features of the previously launched models in the series, the UA4 is going to be the current flagship of the series. It comes equipped with the latest-gen hardware that makes it an amazing choice for portable users.

Shanling UA4-1

Shanling UA4 is launched at an interesting price of just 99$, check out more details here.

The Shanling UA4 adopts ESS Sabre’s latest 32-bit DAC chipset, at the core we have an ES9069Q DAC that enables smooth high-resolution audio signal decoding. It supports full decoding of high-resolution 32-bit/768kHz bitrate PCM signals and native DSD512 audio signals. Shanling has combined this 32-bit DAC with a high-power amp section. It features dual independent RT6863 amplification chips that produce a strong output of up to 211mW @ 32Ω of impedance load. It is suitable for most IEMs and can even drive some low-power requiring headphones as well. For easy connection with a wide range of devices, we have two headphone output ports, one 3.5mm single-ended and another 4.4mm balanced.

Shanling UA4-2

Shanling has designed the latest UA4 with full elegance. The device looks neatly built with a finely textured finish, and physical media control keys, and also houses a built-in display screen. This screen shows various settings such as active bitrate, volume, etc. The physical keys not only allow easy media playback control but also provide easy menu navigation access. The UA4 has a power-efficient design. It works on both UAC2.0 and UAC1.0 modes enabling easy connectivity with a wide range of devices including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and even gaming consoles such as Nintendo Switch.

Shanling UA4-3

Shanling UA4 is a fantastic device that promises top-quality performance. The core ES9069Q chipset provides exceptional performance with low distortion and high SNR performance. You will notice clearer details and a noise-free background. Enjoy lovely sound with the Shanling UA4 and pair it straight with your smartphone. It has full integration with Shanling’s Eddict Player application as well. Grab the Shanling UA4 today for just 99$, you can check out more details here.

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