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Shanling UA2 Latest Firmware V01.92.11 Released!!

Shanling UA2 Latest Firmware V01.92.11 Released!!

Shanling has released a new update for the famous UA2 USB DAC/AMP. It updates your UA2 to the latest Firmware V1.92.11. Mainly, this latest update optimizes the performance of the device for a more stable connection with different smartphones and computer systems. Shanling UA2 is the brand’s latest Portable USB DAC/AMP equipped with a premium ES9038Q2M DAC chip supporting high-resolution 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512 decoding. The UA2 comes with a swappable connector cable making it suitable for both Android as well as iOS users. Shanling UA2 was officially released in March last year. Shanling has now also released its flagship USB DAC/AMP known as UA5. Still, UA2 is a hot-selling product in Shanling’s catalog of HiFi audio gears. Back to the latest update, it updates the compatibility of UA2 with the latest smartphones and computer systems. You can download the update from Shanling’s website here. Here’s the guide on updating your UA2 to the latest firmware. Do note that, you need a Windows computer system for updating your Shanling UA2.

Shanling UA2 Firmware Upgrade-1

How to update Shanling UA2 to Firmware V01.92.11:-

>Download the upgrade zip file from Shanling’s Google Drive here.

>Connect the UA2 to your Windows computer(Please make sure you have some IEM/HP connected to the UA2, otherwise the Upgrade Tool won’t recognize the UA2).

>Extract the downloaded zip file.

>Do not rename anything in the zip file.

>Launch the “Shanling USB Audio Drivers Setup.exe” to install the UA2 USB driver.

>Launch the “Shanling UA2 Update Tool.exe”.

>Wait till the Update App detects the UA2 and the update “.hex” file. When everything is ready, the update tool will show a green mark. (If it doesn’t show a green mark, Please check that USB Drivers for UA2 are installed properly, it is connected, and the “Shanling_UA2.hex” file is in the same folder as the update tool.

>Please wait while the software updates the UA2 to the latest Firmware.

>You can disconnect your UA2 once the update is done.

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