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Shanling UA1 Plus Premium Portable USB DAC/AMP News

Shanling UA1 Plus Premium Portable USB DAC/AMP News

Shanling Audio is a veteran brand in the HiFi audio industry. The brand is known for high-resolution audio products in the portable and desktop category. Shanling has a wide catalog of Portable USB DAC/AMPs that are widely appreciated for their sound performance. Today, Shanling has introduced a brand new product to their “UA” series dedicated to high-res portable DAC/AMPs, presenting the all-new Shanling UA1 Plus. UA1 Plus belongs to their latest generation of portable DAC/AMPs with their in-house developed Low-power consumption black technology. The DAC serves its users with outstanding sound performance with low power consumption. It packs the good of dual CS43131 DAC chips promising unmatched high-res audio signal decoding with ultra-clean background and ultra-low distortion performance. Prepare to experience outstanding sound with the Shanling UA1 Plus!!

Shanling UA1 Plus-1

Shanling UA1 Plus brings impressive sound but comes at an attractive price tag of just 49$. You can check out more information and details here.

UA1 Plus houses a high-performance Dual DAC arrangement featuring two CS43131 DAC chips. Supported with a CT7601 USB processor, it supports decoding for high-resolution signals supporting up to 32-Bit/768kHz and native DSD512 bitrate files. UA1 Plus promises high-quality performance with ultra-low distortion and clear noise-free background. It is suitable for high-sensitivity IEMs. The UA1 Plus also has an RGB indicator placed near the headphone output that glows in different colors based on the active file bitrate. It glows blue for up to 16-bit/44.1kHz, green for up to 96kHz bitrate, white for DSD, Red for UAC1.0 mode, etc. Enjoy high-res audio with great performance with the UA1 Plus.

Shanling UA1 Plus-2

Shanling UA1 Plus has a compact form factor with lightweight aesthetics. The device weighs only 9.5 grams which makes it easy to carry. Shanling UA1 Plus supports App customization via the Eddict player application. It helps user customize their experience with different filters, gain levels, volume settings, etc. Shanling UA1 Plus effectively isolates various electromagnetic and external noise interferences and protects the sound signal.

Shanling UA1 Plus-3

Shanling UA1 Plus has a replaceable wire cable with a Type-C connector. Users can easily replace the cable and use it with their preferred source. It also has UAC1.0 mode for usage with Nintendo Switch. Shanlign UA1 Plus is priced very attractively at just 49$, check out more information about the UA1 Plus here.

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