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Shanling Releases New Firmware For M9 Flagship Android Digital Audio Player

Shanling Releases New Firmware For M9 Flagship Android Digital Audio Player

Shanling has released a new firmware update for its flagship M9 Android digital audio player. With this update, M9 gets updated to the latest Firmware V1.5. The M9 is the ultimate TOTL flagship digital audio player from the house of Shanling designed with top-class hardware including flagship AKM DAC chips, in-house designed Amplifier Chips, and more. The latest firmware V1.5 brings MQA Support on M9 while using it as a USB DAC. This was an important feature that was till now missing from the M9. It also improves the performance of 3rd party music applications. Here’s the full list of changes with the Firmware V1.5 on Shanling M9.

Shanling M9 Firmware News-1

New Functions and Changes with the Firmware V1.5:-

>Added MQA Support when using the M9 as a USB DAC.

>Added “Never” option to the screen timeout settings.

>Fixed compatibility of latest versions of Tidal application.

>Improved performance of 3rd party music apps.

>Adjusted performance of widgets.

>Adjusted compatibility with USB drivers and high-capacity MicroSD cards.

>Adjusted sensitivity of volume bar.

>Adjusted playback of Cue files in Shanling Music Application.

How To Update Shanling M9 to the latest firmware:-

Since the Shanling M9 is an Android DAP, you can update it like any other Android Device. There are two ways to update the firmware on the Shanling M9, the Offline Manual method, and the OTA(Over-the-Air) Online method. But before you begin, we suggest you fully charge your M9. Also, if you are updating your M9 from firmware lower than V1.4, go to system settings. Click on Apps & Notifications>>See All Apps>>Quickstep>>Storage & Cache>Clear Storage. And just click on confirm(This has to be done only if you are updating from firmware lower than V1.4.

Shanling M9 Firmware News-2

Manual(Offline Method):-

>Download the firmware V1.5 update file from the Shanling website here.

>Copy the downloaded .zip file into the root folder of your M9.

>Go to the “Support” application on your Shanling M9(Purple light bulb icon).

>Click on “Update”.

>Choose “Local Update”.

>Locate the .zip file you just copied to the root of your Shanling M9.

>Click on Confirm and wait till the device updates itself.

>Click on confirm on the dialog box that just came on to your screen, this will restart the device.

Online(Over-the-Air) Method:-

>Make sure your Shanling M9 is connected to a working WiFi network.

>Go to the “Support” application on your Shanling M9(Purple light bulb icon).

>Click on “Update”.

>Application will search on the servers for new firmware.

>Once found, you can choose from one of the two servers and begin the download.

>When the download is complete, confirm the installation.

>Wait until the system finishes the automatic update and confirm the message to restart the device.

Voila, you have successfully updated the firmware on your device to the latest V1.5. For any questions or queries, you can always write to us at support@hifigo.com.

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