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Shanling Releases New Colors For M3X Digital Audio Player!!

Shanling Releases New Colors For M3X Digital Audio Player!!

M3X from Shanling laid the foundation of a brilliant Android Hi-Res Player in the affordable price segment from the brand. Ever since its release in March 2021, it instantly became one of the top-selling Android Digital Audio Player for Shanling. Talking about features, the M3X brought a top-performing ESS Sabre DAC chipset supporting Hi-Res PCM and DSD decoding, full 16x MQA unfolding, dual HP output ports, Open Android, and many more features under its sleeve. Shanling introduced the M3X in black color option, but today, Shanling has announced two new color options for the M3X, Aurora Purple and Ice Blue. The highly-acclaimed player will be available in three colors now, the Original Black and the new Aurora Purple, and the Ice Blue. They have also introduced two new colors for the leather case for M3X, previously There was only a Blue leather cover for the M3X, now Dark Blue and Deep Brown leather covers are also added to the arsenal. Due to the ongoing shortages in the electronics market and continuous rise in both parts and manufacturing, the SRP of M3X has also increased from 339$ to 369$. Check out more details here.

Shanling M3X-1

Features Of Shanling M3X:-

>High-Performance Dual DAC Chipset. (2x ESS Sabre ES9219C).

>Supports PCM decoding up to 32-Bit/384kHz and DSD up to DSD256 natively.

>Full 16x MQA unfolding.

>Dual output ports: 3.5mm SE, 4.4mm Balanced.

>Output Power: up to 240mW @ 32Ω.

>Output Impedance: <1Ω.

>Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 8-Core CPU.


>Dual-Band WiFi: 2.4gHz & 5gHz.

>Two-Way Bluetooth Support.

>LDAC, LHDC, aptX HD, SBC, and more HI-res Bluetooth codec support.

>Open Android 7.1 OS.

>4.2 inch Display(1280x768).

>Large 3200mAh Battery.

>Battery Life: Up to 23 hours(SE, Single DAC), Up to 20 hours(SE,dual DAC), Up to 19 hours(Balanced).

>Dimensions: 109mm X 72mm X 15.9mm.

>Weight: 168 gms.

Highly-Acclaimed Performance In New Colors:-

M3X is one of the top-selling Android Audio Player in the market today. Shanling has kept everything the same right from the tuning to the build and design of the new M3X. It has just got new color variants as an added bonus. The brand new Aurora Purple and Ice Blue has stunning looks for the player. 

Shanling M3X-2

Leather Cases In New Colors:-

Shanling has also released two new color options for the leather cover for M3X. Previously only a Blue leather cover was available for M3X, now they also have Deep Brown and Dark Blue. The price of the Case is kept the same as before they are available for 30$ each.

Hi-Res Decoding With ESS Dual DAC Chipset:-

Shanling M3X uses a high-performance Dual DAC chipset featuring two ESS ES9219C DAC chips. It supports Hi-Res audio signal decoding with support for 32-Bit/384kHz PCM as well as native DSD256. It also supports full 16x MQA decoding.

Both Single-Ended and Balanced Connections:-

Shanling M3X is equipped with two headphone output ports, one 3.5mm single-ended, and the other 4.4mm balanced port. The player outputs a whooping 240mW of power at 32Ω through its 4.4mm port powering your IEMs and HPs easily.

Excellent Battery Life:-

One thing the Shanling M3X is known for is its excellent battery life. The player boasts a battery life of up to 23 hours on the single DAC mode, on balanced connections M3X provides continuous playback for up to 19 hours.

Hi-Res Bluetooth Connection:-

Shanling M3X is a full feature-rich digital audio player. It has full Hi-Res Bluetooth support, supporting LDAC, LHDC, APTX HD, SBC, and more. Connect your favorite Bluetooth headset with the Shanling M3X and enjoy hi-res audio wirelessly.

Shanling M3X-3

Price & Availability:-

Due to the shortage of electronic components and high manufacturing costs, Shanling has increased the price of the new M3X from 339$ to 369$. Check out more details here.

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