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Shanling Releases EC3 High-Performance CD Player With Philips Top-Loading Drive & ESS DAC Chipset

Shanling Releases EC3 High-Performance CD Player With Philips Top-Loading Drive & ESS DAC Chipset

Shanling has got expertise in designing premium audio gear. Originally, Shanling started 30 years back with a range of CD players and other desktop audio gear. Today, Shanling revives its love for Desktop CD Players with the release of its latest product in the category, presenting the all-new Shanling EC3. It’s a compact CD Player designed with a top-transparent panel. Shanling has equipped it with top-quality hardware for delivering premium high-resolution audio performance.

Shanling EC3-1

Shanling EC3 is available in two different color options, White and Black priced at 599$. Check more information here.

Shanling EC3 is designed with top-quality components to deliver impressive sound performance. Its compact design makes it an easy fit for most desktops. Shanling has equipped the EC3 with a highly-acclaimed Philips CD80 CD Drive Mechanism with Sanya HD850 Laser Head. It’s a precisely designed top-loading CD player designed with a transparent top cover. The premium Philips Drive and Sanyo laser head enable smooth operation with error-free CD reading.

Shanling EC3-2

Shanling has featured a premium ES9219C ESS Sabre DAC Chipset along with the LTA8092 OP-AMP chipset. The premium ESS Sabre DAC enables crisp signal decoding with lower distortion and clean noise-free background. The output has good dynamics with solid clarity and resolution. LTA8092 OP AMP enables RCA line-out pre-amp and Headphone Output support. EC3 can act as a Bluetooth DAC with built-in Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity. It also supports audio playback through USB drives. USB Drive supports 32-Bit/384kHz PCM audio signals.

In order to keep up with the technology, Shanling EC3 features many advanced features. It’s not just a simple music player. It features custom-developed software powered by an Ingenic X2000 chipset and has a 1.6” IPS display. The device is fully controllable with Eddict Player application.

Shanling EC3-3

Shanling has expertise in designing CD Players. Over the years, they have developed both budget and high-end CD Players designed especially for Serious enthusiasts. The latest EC3 joins the league and delivers a quality experience for the users in a compact form factor!! EC3 is launched officially for 599$, you can check more information here.

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