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Shanling Q1 Firmware V2.0 Released: Wi-Fi Functionality!!

Shanling Q1 Firmware V2.0 Released: Wi-Fi Functionality!!

Shanling has announced the latest firmware for its latest entry-level digital audio player, the Shanling Q1. It enables the built-in Wi-Fi functionality with the Shanling Q1. With the Wi-Fi functionality, the device now gets added more functions like Airplay, DLNA, Wi-Fi file transfer, and more. Today we are going to help you upgrade your Q1 to the latest firmware V2.0.

Shanling Q1-1

Changes and Improvements with Firmware V2.0:-

>Added Wi-Fi connectivity.

>Added support for Airplay and DLNA wireless playback.

>Added Wi-Fi file transfer functionality.

>Digital USB output can now work alongside Airplay and DLNA.

>Added OTA firmware update function.

>Improved DSD128 playback.

How to update to the latest firmware:-

>Download the update file from here.

>Make sure your Shanling Q1 is fully charged.

>Unzip the downloaded zip file and copy the “update.bin” file into the root directory of your micro SD card.

>Choose “System Update” in system settings and follow the on-screen instructions.

>Wait until the device restarts.

>Got to Settings and check the “About” to make sure new firmware was installed successfully.

We hope this guide really helped you install the latest firmware on your Shanling Q1. Adding the Wi-Fi functionality will surely make things easier in the future for firmware updates and file transfer. You can check more about this fantastic player here.

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adrian - May 30, 2023

My Shanling Q1 can’t find a wifi connection. It can find Bluetooth . When I installed the update on the micro SD card the Q1 could not find the update to find the WiFi so it is a problem.
Have you any suggestions on how to update the Q1?

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