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Shanling Q1 DAP Latest Firmware Released!!!

Shanling Q1 DAP Latest Firmware Released!!!

Shanling released the latest firmware for their entry-level digital audio player, the Shanling Q1. The firmware V1.3 adds a number of new features including SyncLink, which lets you control your Q1 DAP from your connected Android Smartphones or Tablets.

Newly added features with the latest update:-

>SyncLink – Control playback of Q1 from connected Android smartphone or tablet.

>Added Russian language.

>Added AB position repeat function.(Please Note:-To use AB repeat, click on AB button on now playing screen. Then tap on two positions on the progress bar, to set position A and B.)

>Added native DSD support for USB Output to external DAC.

>Added in-vehicle mode.

Changes & Fixes:-

>Adjusted Playback speed control. Now available in 1.25/1.5/2x speed and with pitch correction.

>Adjusted now playing screen, moving progress bar to the first group of controls.

>Adjusted button lock function, fixing possible issues when using controls on Bluetooth headphones.

>Other bug fixes.

Please Note for Sync-Link:-

Shanling Q1-1

>The SyncLink function works with Shanling Music App. It is available as a .apk file in the firmware update zip file.

>The SyncLink is currently in beta, there will be future updates for the same time to time.

>Currently SyncLink is only compatible with Android devices as the Shanling Music App is currently only available for Android Devices.

How to update your Shanling Q1:-

You have to download the update zip from the official Shanling website here.

>After downloading unzip the downloaded zip file.

>Copy “Update.bin” file to the root folder of your MicroSD card.

>Go to System Settings on your Shanling Q1.

>Click on “System Update”.

>Follow the on-screen instructions.
>After the installation completes, check “About” in system settings to make sure firmware was installed successfully.

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