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Shanling ONIX Overture XM5 Flagship ES9039S Pro Audio Player

Shanling ONIX Overture XM5 Flagship ES9039S Pro Audio Player

Shanling has released the first player from its ONIX series of premium high-end series, introducing the Shanling ONIX Overture XM5. Shanling ONIX has a bunch of products so far including ONIX Mystic XP1 High-End DAC/AMP. Shanling with ONIX has designed this series with high-end products featuring top-class components ensuring a pure high-end sonic performance. The latest ONIX Overture XM5 is a handy portable music player with the latest-generation flagship ESS Sabre DAC chipset, high-power amp section, in-house developed FPGA architecture and ONIX operating system.

Shanling ONIX Overture XM5-1

Shanling ONIX Overture XM5 is launched officially for $739. It is also available with its leather case for just $749. Check out more details here.

At the heart and core of Shanling ONIX Overture XM5, we have ESS Sabre’s latest flagship ES9039S Pro DAC chip. It is a 32-bit multi-channel DAC chip that promises industry-leading performance with ultra-low distortion, high SNR, and High Dynamic range. Shanling has combined it with XMOS XU316 3rd gen 16-core USB signal processor. It enables full decoding support for high-resolution 32-bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512 audio signals. Shanling has featured an in-house developed FPGA architecture on the Overture XM5 for a truly high-resolution sound performance on the device. Right from the audio signal transmission to the complete processing is maintained properly to deliver a clear and clean output.

Shanling ONIX Overture XM5-2

Shanling has equipped the ONIX Overture XM5 with dual TPA6120 high-power amplification chips. It creates a powerful yet clean amplification to the audio signal with a maximum output thrust of up to 1070mW @ 32Ω. With three-level adjustable gain modes, the player will be a good companion for both sensitive as well as high-power requiring audio gear. The ONIX Overture XM5 houses dual headphone output ports featuring a 3.5mm and a 4.4mm port. The Overture XM5 features WiFi connectivity for DLNA, Airplay, and Online Tidal Streaming functions. Shanling has also featured two-way Bluetooth connectivity with high-resolution codec support such as LDAC, AptX HD, SBC, AAC, etc.

Shanling ONIX Overture XM5-3

Shanling ONIX Overture XM5 packs wonderful performance in a compact and handy form factor. The entire chassis of the device has a CNC-machined finish made using high-quality aluminum alloy material. We have a gold-plated volume wheel knob, a 3” OLED colourful display touch screen, and four physical buttons for media controls. We have a 7000mAh battery that provides a whooping 14 hours of playback with a single charge. Shanling ONIX Overture XM5 looks interesting and premium. It houses some of the best hardware at its price point and promises quality performance. You can get yours for just $739, check out more information here.

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