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Shanling MG600 Latest Single Dynamic Driver IEMs Pre-Order Now Available

Shanling MG600 Latest Single Dynamic Driver IEMs Pre-Order Now Available

Shanling is on a roll this month. Just a few days back they announced their upcoming M7 Android digital audio player. Alongside the M7 DAP, they have also announced their plans for their upcoming set of IEMs. This time Shanling is focusing on a range of single dynamic driver IEMs. They have announced their upcoming flagship from their upcoming MG series of single dynamic driver IEMs, meet the Shanling MG600. Priced at 639$, the MG600 packs a 10mm aluminum/magnesium dynamic driver enclosed in beautiful stabilized maple wooden ear shells. The pair here has a semi-open back construction. The shell here is extremely lightweight and small. They are designed keeping a perfect fit in mind. Currently, the Shanling MG600 is available to pre-order with us priced at 639$, the MG600 is expected to launch in May, we expect it will be released alongside the M7 Android Digital Audio Player.

Shanling MG600-1

Shanling has got years of experience in designing premium high-fidelity audio gears. The latest MG600, a single dynamic driver IEM with beautiful stabilized wooden ear shells looks pretty solid. We are having food thoughts for the MG600 here. More information will be shared shortly for the MG600, you can pre-book MG600 for yourself with us here.

Shanling MG600-2


>10mm Aluminum/magnesium diaphragm dynamic driver.

>Semi-Open back design.

>Stabilised maple wood ear shells.

>Compact and Lightweight.



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