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Shanling M6 Pro Now Available In Black Color

Shanling M6 Pro Now Available In Black Color

It’s just been a month or two since Shanling released its flagship Android DAP, the Shanling M6 Pro. Today through a post on Facebook the brand has announced a latest color scheme in the highly acclaimed player. The Almighty Shanling M6 Pro is soon going to be available in black color that enhances the beautiful look of the player. Previously it was available in only Titanium color but now the users can get this powerful player in black color too. It is a flagship-level player from the brand featuring a high-performance dual DAC setup consisting of two AK4497 DAC chips, snappy snapdragon 430 CPU, 4GB RAM, 32 GB ROM, and much more features. The new black color is priced the same as that of the titanium shade, at 759$ check out more details here.

Shanling M6 Pro-1


>High-Performance Dual DAC Setup by AKM, AK4497EQ x 2.

>PCM Decoding up to 32-Bit/768kHz, DSD up to DSD256 Natively.

>Lightning Fast Snapdragon 430 Processor.


>An upgraded circuit including 4 Low pass filters  OPA1622+ADA4610-2 + BUF634 x 2, providing a fully balanced output.

>Open Android Operating System.

>Three Output Ports: 2.5mm Balanced, 4.4mm balanced, and 3.5mm single-ended.

>Three Mode Hardware Gain Switch: Low Gain/ High Gain/ Ultra High Gain Mode.

>Crisp 720P Display

>Two-Way Bluetooth V4.2 support with Hi-res codes support(Two-way supports LDAC, SBC, only Transmission mode supports: AptX, AptX HD, HWA).

>Battery Life: Up to 13 hours(Single Ended Single DAC Mode).

                       Up to 9 hours(Single Ended  Dual DAC Mode).

                       Up to 8 hours(Balanced Mode Dual DAC).

>Dual Band Wi-Fi support:- 2.4GHz/5GHz.

>Weight: 244 grams.

>TF Memory Card supported up to 512gb capacity.

>4000mAh Battery which supports QC3.0 quick charging.

Output Power:-

3.5mm Single-Ended Mode:-

>Output: 19mW @ 32Ω (low gain), 47mW @ 32Ω (high gain), 200mW @ 32Ω (ultra high gain).

>Signal-to-noise ratio: 121 dB.

>Dynamic range: 121dB.

>Channel separation : 75 dB (32 Ω).

>THD + N: <0.0009%.

>Output impedance: <1Ω.

2.5mm and 4.4mm Balanced Mode:-

>Output: 56mW @ 32Ω (low gain) 141mW @ 32Ω (high gain) 600mW @ 32Ω (ultra high gain).

>Signal to noise ratio: 123 dB.

>Channel separation: 110 dB (32 Ω).

>Dynamic range : 123 dB.

>THD + N: <0.0011%.

>Output impedance: <2Ω.

Your Trusted M6 Pro In A New Avatar:-

Shanling M6 Pro-2

The Shanling M6 Pro is a highly acclaimed player in the current market with class-leading performance, a dark clearer background, noise and distortion-free music enjoyment, and ample power to power your hungry headphones with ease. The all-new Black Shanling M6 Pro performs up to that name with a new black color avatar.

Premium Chipset Configuration:-

The brand has only released the M6 Pro in a new avatar while keeping the same premium chipset configuration. It features a powerful dual DAC setup equipped with two powerful AK4497 DAC chips. The player is able to decode PCM up to 32-Bit/768kHz, and DSD up to DSD256 natively. Along with this powerful DAC chipset, the player also features a lightning-fast Snapdragon 430 Processor, providing the users with a snappy user interface.

Powerful Circuit with Three Output Ports:-

Shanling M6 Pro-3

The Shanling M6 Pro is equipped with a powerful amplification circuit consisting of 4 Low pass filters, OPA1622+ADA4610-2+BUF634 x 2, which is capable of providing a fully balanced sound output with utmost clarity, and ample amplification to power up your power-hungry headphones with ease. It features three output ports, one 3.5mm SE, one 2.5mm Balanced, and one 4.4mm Balanced port. Users get the freedom to use their IEMs with any of their preferred output type.

Clean, Dark, Noise Free Sonic Performance:-

The Shanling M6 Pro provides the users with a powerful output, output power rating of up to 600mW @ ultra-high gain mode via the balanced ports. It doesn’t matter which output port you use, you are provided with a rich sonic performance without any distortion and ultra-low noise floor.

Shanling M6 Pro-4

We are already very happy with the Shanling M6 Pro, we personally have a unit of titanium color in our DAP collection. But looking at the all-new black color makes us crave for it. The new Black color takes the already beautiful looks of this player to a new level of perfection. If you are planning to get a unit of Shanling M6 Pro we would recommend you grab a black color unit. There is no change in price with the new color, and you can grab the player in any of the two colors of your choice at 759$.

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