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Shanling M6 Pro DAP Latest Firmware Announced!!!

Shanling M6 Pro DAP Latest Firmware Announced!!!

Shanling has released the latest firmware for its latest Android-based Digital Audio Player, the Shanling M6 Pro. The latest firmware version is V1.1 and brings many new features to the DAP, which includes USB DAC mode, Pure Music Mode, and much more.

Shanling M6 Pro-1

Changes with the latest firmware update:-

>Shanling Music App adds Hi-fi cloud storage options.

>Add USB DAC functionality, now you can use your M6 pro as a USB DAC connected to your Laptop or Computer.

>Pure Music Mode, Shanling introduces the owners of M6 pro with Pure Music mode. This mode is only meant for music and Android functions are not available during this. This improves battery back up and let you enjoy your music uninterruptedly.

>Add automatic charging back mechanism.

>Add the function of dynamically obtaining album cover and lyrics.

>Increase the specified folder scanning function.

>Added support for OTG external U disk playback, Now you can enjoy music by connecting external drives via the USB port.

>Added virtual navigation bar function.

>Increased Russian language support.

>Optimal balance gain sometimes fails.

>Add read and write micro sd card related functions (support WiFi song path can be set SD card, File can be downloaded directly to the SD card; support HiFi cloud song library can be configured song path, support delete files in memory card, delete songs at the same time choose to delete Source files, etc.).

12. Fixed the problem that pressing the physical playback button on the side after closing the Shanling Music App will clear the recent playlist.

13. Optimized other known issues.

There are two methods to upgrade.

Please Note:-

Since this update involves major feature updates such as pure music mode, some steps must be followed before starting the update procedure which are as follows:

1. Log out of Shanling Music's login account and start the upgrade;  

2. After the upgrade is complete, perform the factory reset operation in the settings.

>Offline Method to Update:-

You can update your device offline, just download the firmware from here. Copy the downloaded file to either the internal memory of your M6 pro or to your micro sd card. Please note, you should copy the downloaded file to the root directory of your sd card or internal memory.

>Click on Technical Support.

>Click on Firmware Upgrade.

>Click on Local Upgrade.

>Navigate to the downloaded file and click on it.

>Device will be updated and restart after the update completes.

>OTA Update:-

You can also update your Shanling M6 pro using the Wi-fi method. Just connect to the Wi-fi on your device and follow the below steps:-

>Click on Technical Support.

>Click on Firmware Upgrade.

>Click on Online Update.

>The device will search for the update online and will download.

>After the download is complete click on Install update.

>Device will be updated and restart after the update completes.

You can update your device using any of the above-mentioned methods and enjoy your beloved Shanling M6 Pro Digital Audio Player with the latest firmware update.

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