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Shanling M3X Latest Firmware V1.5 Released

Shanling M3X Latest Firmware V1.5 Released

Shanling has released a new firmware update to its latest M3X Android Music Player. This update fixes many issues while using the M3X as a USB DAC, adjusts VU meters, improves compatibility with m3u playlists, and brings various other improvements. M3X is the latest Android Music player in Shanling’s Arsenal bringing the users a brilliant combination of open Android OS and excellent sound performance at a budget price. This update is mainly developed to fix various issues faced by users while using the M3X as a USB DAC. So let’s get your M3X updated to the latest firmware.

Shanling M3X Firmware Upgrade-1

Changelog with Firmware V1.5:-

>Fixed conflict between USB DAC function and Prime Mode.

>Fixed issue causing crash when using the M3X in USB DAC mode.

>Fixed issue causing low-level noise when using M3X in USB DAC mode.

>Adjusted VU meters and added theme settings.

>Improved compatibility with m3u playlists.

>Improved album art display.

>Improved compatibility with third-party apps using MicroSD card for storage.

>Fixed memory issue that could cause app crash.

>Adjusted lyrics function.

>Other bug fixes.

Shanling M3X Firmware Upgrade-2

How to update your M3X to the latest firmware:-

As with every other Android device in the market, users can easily upgrade the M3X using two different methods, offline local upgrade, and OTA online upgrade. Before starting the update procedure make sure your device is fully charged.

Offline Upgrade:-

>Download the update file from here.

>Copy the downloaded .zip file into the root folder of your internal memory or microSD card.

>Open the “Support” app(Purple Light Bulb icon).

>Click on “Update”.

>Choose “Local Update”.

>Locate the downloaded zip file.

>Confirm install, wait till the device updates and restarts itself.

Over-the-Air Online Upgrade:-

>Open the “Support” application(Purple Light Bulb icon).

>Click on “Update”.

>App will search for new firmware update for your Android player.

>Choose from one of the two servers and proceed with downloading.

>After the download completes, confirm the installation and wait until the device updates and restarts itself.

And you are done. You have successfully updated your M3X to the latest firmware. Enjoy listening to good music.

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