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Shanling Introduces CD80 & CA80 High-Performance CD Players

Shanling Introduces CD80 & CA80 High-Performance CD Players

Shanling is one of the oldest brands in the hi-fi audio industry. Earlier in their days, Shanling mainly developed high-resolution CD Players. They were quite reputed in that market. With changes in technology and the low demand, they entered into the portable market and captured it as well with their fantastic range of products. But today, the demand for CD Players is again on the rise, and Shanling has used its expertise to develop some high-resolution CD Players. Today, we are proudly bringing you two new CD Players from Shanling, the CD80 and the CA80. Both come equipped with some latest-generation hardware featuring premium ESS Sabre 32-Bit DAC, Philips CD Drive, Sanyo Laser Tech, etc. Let’s know both the CD Players better.

Shanling CD80-1

Shanling CD80 CD Player:-

The CD80 is an elegant CD Player that seamlessly integrates high-resolution 32-bit ESS Sabre DAC along with LTA8092 and RT6863 Amp chips. The CD Player provides exceptional quality performance with an efficient Philips CD Drive and Sanyo Laser Technology. It shows efficient CD reading performance. Shanling has launched the CD80 for $359, available in Black and Silver colour options.

With the help of the Ingenic X1000 processor chipset, the CD80 provides smoother signal processing with low lag. It supports USB disk and wireless Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity for signal input. Using USB Drive, we get full support for high-resolution 32-bit/384kHz and native DSD256 audio signal decoding. Bluetooth connection supports high-definition LDAC protocol.

Shanling CD80-2

As for output, we have Digital Optical output support, 3.5mm Headphone output, and RCA Analog output. Users can easily connect the CD80 CD Player with a variety of devices from Earphones/headphones to amplifiers, and other DACs in the chain. It has an output power rating of up to 130mW @ 32Ω through the 3.5mm headphone output. Shanling has kept the design sleek so that it looks premium and also enhances the look of your desk space. Enjoy your favorite music with the Shanlind CD80 CD Player!! It is available in Elegant Silver and Midnight Black color options priced at $359. Check out more details here.

Shanling CA80 CD Player:-

Shanling CA80 is the same as the CD80 CD Player, it just has an additional power amplifier function. The device has the same set of features including premium ES9219MQ 32-Bit ESS Sabre DAC, Philips CD Drive, Sanyo Laser Technology, USB Drive, Bluetooth V5.0 connection support etc. It also has the same set of output options featuring Optical digital output, RCA and 3.5mm Analog output. But we also get additional Passive Speaker power output on the CA80. You can simply hook these onto your Bookshelf speakers and enjoy the true high-resolution sound with ease.

Shanling CA80-1

The power amplifier output of the CA80 CD Player is rated at 100W at 4Ω and 50W at 8Ω, it can easily power most passive speakers with ease. Other functions and features are the same as the CD80 CD Player. Shanling has launched the CA80 CD Player for 599$. It is also available in Silver and Black colour options, know more details here.

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