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Shanling H7: High-End Portable USB DAC/AMP Based on AK4499EX

Shanling H7: High-End Portable USB DAC/AMP Based on AK4499EX

Shanling is one of the most active brands in the HiFi audio industry. For the past many years, Shanling has been doing deep R&D and regularly introducing new and updated products in different categories including Digital audio players, Portable USB DAC/AMPs, in-ear monitors, and more. Today, we are bringing you another brilliant new release from the house of Shanling. This time, we have a brand-new high-end USB DAC/AMP, meet the all-new Shanling H7. H7 is not just a regular Portable USB DAC/AMP, it’s a flagship-grade product designed with top-of-the-line hardware promising nothing else but excellent sound in a handy package.

Shanling H7-1

Shanling H7 has got a price tag of 829$, you can check out more details and information here.

Shanling has got years of expertise in designing portable HiFi gear. The latest H7 comes equipped with AKM’s current flagship AK4499EX DAC chipset with AK4191 Modulator. AK4499EX promises top-level performance with supreme high-resolution audio signal decoding achieving ultra-low distortion and clean, noise-free background in the output signal. Not to mention, AKM DACs are known for their rich, smooth, lively tonality, upon which the Shanling H7 is based on. Immerse yourself in a rich, premium sound experience with the Shanling H7.

Shanling H7-2

Shanling has designed a high-power output amplification section for the H7. Based on TPA612OA2/OPA2211/MUSES8920 high-performance chipsets, H7 produces a powerful output thrust that can drive most IEMs and Headphones on the planet with ease. Shanling H7 gets an output power rating of up to 1.3W@32Ω of load. It has 6.35mm, 4.4mm, and  3.5mm headphone output ports along with an RCA line-out port. The device has three-level gain modes to suit different impedance levels IEMs and Headphones.

Shanling H7-3

Along with a premium flagship DAC chipset, Shaling H7 combines the benefit of 3rd generation XMOS USB PRocessor. With the help of the XMOS XU316 USB signal receiver, H7 supports most leading audio formats with 32-Bit/768kHz PCM, native DSD512, and 8x MQA decoding support. Shanling H7 also supports Coaxial and Optical digital inputs alongside USB input. H7 also has high-resolution wireless Bluetooth Connectivity for smooth connection options.

Shanling H7-4

You can also use the Shanling H7 as a dedicated music player. It has a microSD card slot that supports memory sticks up to 2TB capacity. You can either operate the device with simple functions using the keys on it or you can connect it to the Eddict Music player application on your smartphone and access your Music library from there(from the MicroSD card).

Shanling H7 is a feature-rich high-end Portable USB DAC/AMP designed for audio enthusiasts who want best-in-class performance with their IEMs and Headphones. It’s a no-compromise device designed with top-quality audio chips and offers top-quality audio performance. Shanling has priced it at 829$, you can check out more information here.

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