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Shanling first Hi-Fi Bluetooth neckband adapter | Hifigo

Shanling first Hi-Fi Bluetooth neckband adapter | Hifigo

Shanling, over 30 years of Hi-Fi Experience, a masterpiece of craftsmanship, launched their new products- MW200- a BlueTooth neckband adapter. The retail price is not settled down yet. But it will show at the exhibition in Guangzhou on 7th - 8th of September along with another three flagships Shanling UP4 DAC amplifier, Shanling M6 music player and Shanling ME700 in-ear earphones


Shanling MW200 Feature, Hi-Fi Bluetooth neckband adapter

  • integrate the traditional Bluetooth decoding headset into the new design, using AK4377A independent DAC headset integrated chip to resolve the embarrassment of ordinary Bluetooth floss without independent decoding and low thrust; 
  • use Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth 5.0 chip to support all Bluetooth coding format (LDAC / HWA / aptX HD / aptX LL / aptX / AAC / SBC);).
  • using the mainstream Type-C USB interface, USB DAC, can be used as a computer external sound card; 
  • support for NFC one-click direct connection; 
  • the output power can reach 40 mW @ 16 Ω; 
  • an extra long voyage of 11 hours, accompanied by good sound quality throughout the day; 
  • using a brand new upgraded expansion MMCX pin, which has a life span of 4 times longer than that of a traditional pin, and supports two types of use: ear winding / ordinary ear insertion; 
  • using skin-friendly silicone neck hanging material, combined with ergonomic design, not tired for a long time; 
  • the use of hyperboloid toughened glass design to get rid of the cheap texture of traditional plastics, high performance, and high appearance; 
  • IPX5 class is waterproof and is not afraid of daily sweat. 

The time to market and the price of the MW200 Bluetooth decoding line are to be determined.

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