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Aune BU1 Balanced Bluetooth Headphone AMP released  | Hifigo

Aune BU1 Balanced Bluetooth Headphone AMP released | Hifigo

After several days of product teases via their Social Media accounts, Aune audio unveiled the new product AUNE BU1 - a portable DAC with headphone amplifier.  Aune audio started the reservation for BU1 at 00:00 on the 2nd of September. They are claiming the BU1 will be released to ship at the end of the September and it sells for $200 USD. That price is a little bit lower when compared to similar devices from Topping and Xduoo

Main features of Aune audio BU1 portable DAC with headphone amplifier.  

Fully Discrete •Hi-Res• Multi-Scenario

The BUI is a high-quality portable DAC with a headphone amplifier that purely focuses on sound quality. It supports up to 32bit/768k and DSD512 decoding; the amp is fully discrete; supports Apple/Android portable devices/portable music player connection; can be used in multiple scenarios.

Your Smartphone's Best Partner
(the corresponding cable needed)
As smartphone supports higher resolution music files and the online music library grows larger, the portable Hi-Res DAC with headphone amplifier is becoming a must for phone HiFi. Connected to the BU1, your cellphone will instantly become a Hi-Res music player.

Enjoy Higher Fidelity Phone Entertainment

Watch concert videos and movies and play games on your phone with the BU1. Higher fidelity, more enjoyment.

Rigorous Hardware Selection
The communication level SR series PCB leads to better high frequencies; the Bl conductive film potentiometer leads to higher precision; the ultra-low jitter oscillator leads to higher sound purity; the ceramic COG capacitor leads to lower distortion.

Positive and Negative Voltage Regulator Electrogenic Pump
Leads to Wide Dynamic Range
The BUI continues to use the classic B Is' positive and negative voltage regulator circuit. The circuit is ensured to stay in the best working condition. Thus the performance is maximized.


Fully Discrete Amp Circuit, Better Transient
The BUI uses the amp circuit that is DC—feedback and fully discrete, resulting in the extended
frequency response and excellent transient. ON high—performance transistor applied. Better high

A Beautiful Work of Art
The chassis cut by CNC from a whole block of aluminum, the no-screw design, the brushed finish, the concentric knob/buttons on BU1 turn into a  beautiful work of art with excellent details.

Outstanding Balance Control, Ideal Duration
Current/driving ability/size/performance are in proportion. The BUI 's 4000mA battery guarantees ideal current, performance and great sound quality. In the compact body, the duration reaches 8 hours (measured at a low gain; paired with the IE80).


Aesthetic Design
The design philosophy of symmetry and balance, together with the element of aune's logo rounded letters gives it great aesthetics.


Excellent Specifications
Layout by the designer of the classic Bl. Output distortion is as low as 0.00076%. Dark background, rich details.


Professional Tuning
The tuning is based on real instrument sounds and musical content referencing, resulting in a signature that is natural and full of musicality.

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