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Shanling EC Mini Transportable CD Player With Dual ES9219 DAC Chips

Shanling EC Mini Transportable CD Player With Dual ES9219 DAC Chips

Shanling is taking us back to the roots of the audiophile world with its latest releases. The brand is bringing us nostalgic CD Players but with modern elements and features. Today, we are excited to bring you their latest product, the Shanling EC Mini. The new Shanling EC Mini is like just we said a brand-new device with older roots but modern elements. It’s a transportable CD Player that can be used as a dedicated music player as well by providing music playback through MicroSD cards and more. It’s a brilliant device that helps you enjoy your favourite music while on the go. It doesn’t matter whether you are a collector who wants to enjoy his/her Audio CDs, or you are a new-generation audiophile who has all his music stored in digital format, the Shanling EC Mini will be suitable for both of you. It has a compact enough form factor to call it a transportable device!!

Shanling EC Mini-1

Shanling EC Mini is launched officially for 359$, you can check out more details here.

At the very heart and core of the EC Mini, Shanling has equipped the CD Player with a premium CD Drive and Laser Head like their other bigger models. They have featured a Philips CD Drive and Sanyo 860 Laser head, both these components provide smooth CD Playback with lag-free reading. The EC Mini also has an additional mechanical and electronic anti-vibration system for smoother playback. Shanling EC Mini is a new-generation CD Player, along with CD Playback, it also has modern digital media playback support. For this, it has MicroSD card support(up to 2TB card supported), a Bi-Directional USB port, and Bi-Directional Bluetooth connectivity. Enjoy your favorite melodies be it in physical CD medium or digital medium, the EC Mini will help you in both cases.

Shanling EC Mini-2

In order to provide exceptional sound signal decoding and amplification, the EC Mini is designed with a premium set of components. We have an exclusive dual DAC arrangement with dual ES9219 DAC chips from ESS Sabre Technologies. These DAC chips are known for their exceptional performance promising low distortion and high SNR performance. Alongside the premium dual DAC arrangement, we also have an LTA8092 dedicated pre-amp chip, dual RT6863 dedicated headphone amp chips, and a range of other premium components as well such as Panasonic, ELNA capacitors, KDS Low-noise Oscillators, etc. Well, this specially designed audio circuitry promises nothing but clear sound playback.

Shanling EC Mini-3

For output, we have multiple options with the EC Mini including two headphone outputs and one pre-amp output. It has both single-ended and balanced headphone support with 3.5mm and 4.4mm output ports. The headphone section has a rated output of up to 248mW at 32Ω impedance load. As for pre-amp line-out, we have an RCA analog port available on the device. RCA pre-out has a maximum output rating of 2.1 Vrms. Shanling EC Mini is powered by the acclaimed 18650 battery setup as featured on their H7. The total capacity here is 6800mAh with a promised battery life of up to 25H on MicroSD playback and up to 7.5H on CD media playback. The EC Mini also has full integration with the Shanling Eddict media application available on both Android and iOS devices. It helps you remotely control both CD and digital media playback on the device. The EC Mini also features a digital touchscreen and physical media keys for full handy control.

Shanling EC Mini-4

Shanling EC Mini is the perfect blend of retro CD Players with modern features. It has a compact transportable design allowing you to enjoy your melodies anywhere you want. Shanling has priced it well enough at just 359$, making it affordable and easily available for the masses. Know more details here.

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