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See Audio x Z Reviews Rinko Brand 1 Planar+1 DD Dual-Driver Hybrid IEMs

See Audio x Z Reviews Rinko Brand 1 Planar+1 DD Dual-Driver Hybrid IEMs

See Audio has come ahead hand in hand with Zeos Pantera from Z Reviews with their latest product. Today, we are proudly launching the all-new Rinko multi-driver hybrid IEMs with See Audio and Z Reviews. The pair depicts a beautiful Waifu design on its packaging. Featuring a combination of a specially developed planar magnetic driver and dynamic driver unit, Rinko packs an outstanding sound performance with excellent bass response, lovely vocal clarity, and rich, nicely separated instruments. Rinko marks a new generation of in-ear monitors with its exceptional sound capabilities. It’s designed with tuning suggestions by Zeos bringing the pair its best-sounding performance!!

See Audio x Z Reviews Rinko-1

See Audio Rinko is launched officially for 99.99$, you can check out more information here. It’s also available on our Amazon Japan, Amazon US, and Aliexpress stores.

See Audio has designed a special new high-performance 6mm micro-planar magnetic driver unit. The coil here is embedded in the ultra-thin diaphragm. The driver features permanent magnets on both sides of the diaphragm in a parallel arrangement. It produces a strong magnetic flux which is distributed in a balanced manner all over the diaphragm, promising quality sound with low distortion. With the help of precise and accurate frequency division by See Audio, Rinko maintains a clean and wide frequency response range. Rinko has smooth and extremely satisfying high-frequency extensions and lower-frequency rumble.

See Audio x Z Reviews Rinko-2

See Audio has designed the pair with sophisticated 3D printing technology. It has allowed the brand to achieve a complex design for getting the proper flexibility of dynamic drivers and the ultra-high-frequency advantage of the planar driver unit. See Audio has designed special new silicone and memory foam hybrid ear tips, namely, Render. The Render Ear tips are also designed with suggestions from Zeos. Rinko includes a high-purity stock cable. It’s a 4-strand grey twisted cable with silver-plated 6N oxygen-free copper wires. The cable has 2-pin connectors and a 3.5mm termination plug.

See Audio x Z Reviews Rinko-3

See Audio has also released a new set of keycaps based on the same Rinko theme, which is also available on the Mechkeys website here. The keycaps set also has the same Rinko Waifu theme. These are called Rinko Touch keycaps and feature outstandingly beautiful design and high-quality PBT material for long durability. The Rinko Touch keycaps are available for 69.99$.

See Audio x Z Reviews Rinko-4

See Audio Rinko is an amazing new set of in-ear monitors that pack the richness of a dynamic driver and the goodness of a planar magnetic driver. It brings the best of both worlds and promises exceptional sound performance for the listeners. The pair has a comfortable fit, excellent details, fast transients, and a rich bass response. It has been designed to complement different genres of music well!! See Audio Rinko is launched officially for an attractive price of 99.99$, you can check out more information here.

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